Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Sunday night, a cute, brand new mother came by for a chat on the lawn swings. At one point there were several women present when Brand New Mom cupped her "one things" and said, "Why would a woman want enlargements? This is awful! My husband likes them but he is banned--only the baby is allowed!"

We burst into laughter.

I told a friend of mine what Brand New Mom had said and she said, "Oh, just wait. Once that baby is finished nursing she'll know why woman have that particular surgery. Those thing are going to be flat!"

I didn't tell Brand New Mom. She'll find out soon enough.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

i went from c to ee to barely b ... an love it lol

Michael Rawluk said...

Tell Brand New Mom that some guys appreciate small ahems on women.

tearese said...

not if you have another baby within two years.....especially if you had nothing before that point!
thanks for your comment on my blog...probably the lady whose husband got the job in Wyoming took one of the positions Joseph applied for..just kidding! But really they're lucky, WY pays almost twice as much as Utah!

Julie Harward said...

LOL...that is so true...we live and learn! That is neat that the GV guy is your grandfather...very cool! :D

Astromom said...

If your small enough to begin with they don't turn flat. Well not yet anyways.