Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My sister and her husband have been married for fifty years. Last night her kids and grandkids threw them a surprise party. They have flown in from Virginia to Hawaii and everywhere in between. It was very nice. I took a few photos and now it has been confirmed. My photography skills are ZERO. There isn't one photo that I am proud of. I'm sorry to post all these lousy ones but it's all I have.

Coming in the door at the church
cultural center. Surprise! Their oldest
son, Jordan, ushered them in,
telling them that the grandkids were
playing indoorsoccer in the cultural hall.
The daughter-in-law who didn't go to dinner
with everyone so she could co-ordinate all
the decorations and food. How the whole
group kept this party a secret is beyond
my understanding.They will kill me when they see this.
None of them look like this. They are
pleasant looking in real life.
I promise they are. Aubrey, a granddaughter.
I didn't have the red-eye flash on.

The newest granddaughter.

Obviously the next set of photo are of
nothing. Real photographers don't take
pictures of nothing. And not that any
of these people are nothing--
the pictures are just bad.

Gordon and Julie looking at the book the
kids/grandkids made. Photos of their life
together. It was wonderful.
Son, Chris with his daughter. She has been
eating all kinds of things dipped in chocolate.Lizzie, Julie and Gordon's great-grandchild
with her Grandma, Lezlie their daughter.This is Lezlie's daughter-in-law. There
are three generations here. You'd think
I'd have added Julie and Gordon and made
it four, wouldn't you? Not so. Why? Because
I only think of the right thing to do a day late.
Today I thought of it. A day late.

This is one of Julie's best friends, JoAnne.
They met when they were all going to college
and lived in the same married housing.
Again, obviously. I think I can take photos
in the dark. Sorry, JoAnne.This was my favorite part of the whole
evening. Lezlie and Brennan did a skit of
their parents, going out to eat. It was
hilarious! Really nailed those two, from Julie
bringing her own water to finding a bargain
meal to taking bunches ofvitamins and quoting
how wonderful they were.
I didn't even get a photo of all the grown
children. I feel bad about that but I know
other people were taking photos too,
surely they were better than I at this.
Mormon's all over the world will recognize
this photo of the basketball floor. It is a
multi purpose room used for playing basketball,
wedding reception, overflow for Sacrament Meeting,
activities for the Scouts, Young
Men's and Young Women's organizations,
Relief Society, Primary, luncheons
after funerals, etc.
They had a slide show of photos of the time
they met and were dating to marriage,
children,the three missions they
served for the church, trips, pictures
of all the grandkids, etc.

Happy Anniversary to my sis and her hubby. What a great life you have had together and what a fine posterity you have. You have both enriched our lives and the lives of our children by the way you live, the commitments you keep and your great faith in the Savior.

We love you.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

awesomeness! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!
and love the pics and you can edit out red eyes on your computer:)

Karen Deborah said...

your computer can edit your photos for you. BUT girl you got GREAT pics of the food!!! And the chocolate fountain and you got the spirit of the celebration. 50 years is something to brag about! Congratulations!!

Annette said...

You're much too hard on yourself. You remembered your camera, that puts you a step above what most of us do! What a nice celebration it was.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Lynne, the fish eat the eggs in 8 years we have had one live, they have to be able to hide in the plants and get to a certian size before they are safe in the pond..
hugs Laura

hillary said...

Those people look pretty devilish with those red eyes. No wonder I'm related to them all. Plus, I should have come to that party. Plus again, you're annoying when the pictures are BEING taken, but we're always glad afterwords. Even if they're in the dark or show flabby parts.

The Peterson Family said...

No offense Auntie, but I'm glad you didn't catch me in any of those pics:) It was fun to see you and your skinny little self, even if it was only for a few minutes.
Love you.

tearese said...

looks like it was a fun time, and the food looks delicious!

Lorraine said...

Wow that's wonderful Lynne and I have to tell you that the majorityof your photos are really good, and a few really excellent ones, only the first and some of the out of focus ones are bad...but you are a much better phtoographer than you think...You've captured some beautiful emotions and that's difficult to do even for experts!