Thursday, July 1, 2010


I call Kramer the "Bad Barker." His mission in life is to sit by the front window and protect the neighborhood from everything, including leaves blown by the wind. In fact, he protects the neighborhood from the neighbors. He gets so upset he nearly tears the blinds off the windows. When he goes wild like that he has to have a time out. "Time-out," is the crate we use to take the cats to the Vet.

Kramer had lots of time out's today. When I went to let him out once, I saw an annoyed looking Pika in there. I knew I had put Kramer in there but he was nowhere to be found. And then...all of a sudden, he popped out! And nearly knocked me over getting out of there. Pika wasn't too happy about the whole episode either.
You'd think either she would quit having naps in there or he would quit barking so he didn't have to go to time out. Not so, they are both slow learners--just like so many of us.

I'm not naming names but SOMEONE hates stacks of paper that multiply like rabbits and yet...that someone keeps writing and running things off on the printer and copying recipes that someone has no intent of cooking/baking, etc. and the paper piles up. We should stuff it all in the Time-out box so Pika and Kramer would have something to read while they are waiting for their release.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

too funny and no wonder pika was annoyed... if someone was in my nap spot i would not be happy either... kramer stays in there with the door open when you put him in??? rather smart dog if you ask me LOL.

Pam's Place said...

That was hilarious~! Why didn't Pika protest when you put Kramer in there? So they were in there TOGETHER and no fur flew? Amazing.

hillary said...

I call Kramer the "rat dog" cuz that's what he is. He needs a time out when ever I come over.

I met my friends (The Fine House lady) Great Dane yesterday, he would eat Kramer as a little snack. His dog food bowl was a HUGE stainless steel bucket.