Sunday, July 18, 2010


Last week our Bishop and his two counselors were released and our neighbor was made the new Bishop and two new counselors were called. In the Mormon church every position is staffed by ward members. No one is paid. Our missionaries serve for two years--eighteen months for girls--at their own expense.

Anyway, I loved our last Bishopric. They served for five years, which is pretty much standard for a Bishopric. This week, as our new bishop was conducting, I realized that I already loved all of them. I have always heard that you love those you serve, and I know that is true. But, it seems, you also love those who serve you.

Unless it's a crabby waiter, then all the love can be cancelled. Unless he brings you a free dessert or a complimentary spinach artichoke dip, and then you might reconsider.

Or, if one member of the bishopric doesn't blog--he knows who he is--then I might have to threaten and threatening one of the Lord's anointed is never a good idea. So, I might be in trouble. If you never hear from me again my name will be listed in the obituaries. Cause of death: struck by lightening.


Lorraine said...

That is fierce..indeed but how in the world do bishopric live without money, or are they all part-timers....I mean you have to it, or is that the congregation's job feed them

Jacqueline said...

Wonderful to meet other LDS people out here in blogland. I saw on mylifeatmidlife.blogspot where she had posted a list of LDS bloggers. Hope you enjoy the new bishopric. We will be changing soon as it has been five years and as the YW's President, I will hate to see him go. Have a great week.

Colette Amelia said...

you know that I am thinking that is a crazy name...almost sounds like something I would call some of those $#@%$$# strata overlords that drive me to insanity that then has me driving Michael there too!

I guess this is something that you say and I mean that in a nice way you old Bishopric!