Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Last night was our Christmas Enrichment. It was wonderful. We always have pot luck for the Christmas Enrichment and everyone brings their best holiday food--except me, my contribution was a dismal failure--an untried recipe, I should have known. It will never be mentioned again.

The Enrichment Leader (a beautiful blond--click
here to see the story about another beautiful blond--our ward is full of beautiful people, it seems), the Relief Society President and I went up to the church at 12:30 and started. We decorated tables--two long ones with red cloths, fresh greenery, gold ribbon winding among the greenery, and my Nativity--from Costco--too bad I didn't' bring food from Costco too--artificial candles (that light) and a golden "boingy" Christmas tree with a gold star for the center, standing over Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. It was beautiful. That was our savory table. As it turned out we should have had three savory tables instead of two.

Our "sweet" tables were in white, with a fabric Christmas runner, fresh greenery, artificial candles, a "boingy" Christmas tree and red ribbon decorated with gold poinsettia's winding through the greenery--again, from Costco. It was beautiful too.

The Enrichment leader practically brings her whole house full of decorations and had penguins the size of Shetland Ponies, eight Christmas stocking, hanging from large silver stocking hangers--each one different--and an army of nutcrackers--the tallest was four feet--along with all her mother's poinsettia's, about a dozen. She is an outstanding woman--besides being beautiful.

We had 12 round tables--we didn't' need that many but we panicked and had the high priests set up extras at the last minute. The tables had white cloths, most had a green topper or other Christmas topper and then twelve sisters brought their nativities for centerpieces. They were varied in style and all were lovely.

I went back to the church almost 2 hours early to finish setting up, Judy--my faithful side-kick, came and we got water ready for all the tables, the Enrichment leader and the Relief Society President came, and soon the women started to come. We didn't start on time--we never start on time. There is a running joke about Mormon Standard Time which is five to ten minutes late. After the opening prayer I looked down and realized I had forgotten napkins. I mentioned it to the other seven women at my table and they came with me, took handfuls of napkins and had the tables napkin'd in no time. That is what I smacked myself in the forehead and thought, Why didn't I remember to get a "set-up" committee and a "clean-up" committee? That's why I can't walk today--I spent almost seven hours on my feet because I'm stupid. And because I took an un-tired, not-good, never-to-be-mentioned-again dish and the humiliation makes me weak in my aching knees.

The night was absolutely filled with wonderful friends, good food, a program put on by two women in our ward and one from our stake--beautiful music and good feelings. I wish I could carry the feeling of love and goodwill with me all year. Until then, next year's Enrichment will be lovely and I will bring good food and will have lots and lots of help. Lots and lots and lots of help.

May all your Christmas--or Hanukkah--or whatever seasonal celebrations you have--be filled with beauty and good will, good food, loving family and friends and lots of help.

PS I must mention that many women stayed to help clean up or I wouldn't be walking today at all. Bless their hearts. And bless yours for wading through this post which was kind of whiny.

PPS Please send your best Christmas recipes to me so I won't have to repeat last night's food fiasco. Which I'm not going to mention again.


Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Except, need a hint on what the failed dish was, so that I don't send you something similar...

Kathie said...

OK, Lynne, I'm REALLY curious about that most horrible, disgusting, never-to-be-tried-again recipe was for. Please don't keep us in the dark!

Pam's Place said...

Lynne, Christmas Enrichment set the perfect mood for the Christmas season for me -- it was the first time this year that it felt like Christmas for me. The tables were lovely, the food delicious, the music heavenly. It couldn't have been better. Thank you for all that you do.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Okay, some time ago, in my blog reading I came across a blog entitled Raspberry black beans for breakfast: don't know how to put a link on the comments. I'm sure Pam, from Pam's Place will tell me. She's my technological guru. Anyway, I thought I'd try it but of course couldn't find the raspberry jalapeno elixir type concoction she used so I made my own up and it was pretty darn tasty, if I do say so myself. But, put it all together and...humm...not so good. Maybe if I had baked it longer. Anyway, it was a failure and I won't be repeating it. Now if I could find a use for the concoction I made up...Umm.

Aprilyn said...

Sorry but anything with beans in it is a no go for me. :) I love using recipes from the Kraft Food and Family magazines I get. I have made some really cute desserts. Last year I made a cake that looked like an ornament. It was a lot of work but it looked pretty good in the end!

I'm glad your Enrichment Christmas Party was a success. I have Cub Scout Pack Meeting tonight that I really don't feel prepared for!!

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Oh no Lynne! That's is too bad, sorry about your feet. Sounds to me like you need a pedicure in the massage chair! :) I had 1 today, to celebrate getting a new office I guess... I'll post pics tomorrow. Of my office - not the pedicure! :)
I hope you have a relaxing weekend!
It sounds like the evening was a success. Can you believe how many holiday decorations some people have?? I always wonder where they store it the rest of the year!
Happy Friday (almost!)
Love, Amy

Astromom said...

You are so sweet. It sound like a great event I was sorry I missed it for my husband's work party. I do have a great spinach-mushroom-healthy delicious quiche recipe I'll send to you. You know all those recipes that you make often because you know they work, and are a sucess, but there is something about trying something new that is fun, we all get that itch even to take somewhere.