Monday, December 10, 2007


Last night we were invited to two friend's homes to do the same thing--light an advent candle and sing Christmas songs. The second invitation came from our neighbors, The C's who went to the house the first invitation came from (the P's) last year. If this keeps up--each family that is invited to the P's house will be starting new traditions--there won't be anyone left to invite.

It was a wonderful evening. There were fourteen of us, three were children and so they wandered in and out. We sat around the table and choose a song to sing--twice. We sang everything from "Up On the Housetop" to songs from the 40's to sacred religious and children's religious hymns. The P's newlywed boy and his bride were there with young love's glow. He sang beautifully and set the pitch. Another couple have been married only eight months and I noticed they sang to each other a lot--there was a lot of young love nestling in.

After singing we had a plethora of savory and sweet treats and all kinds of flavors of hot chocolate. It was a wonderful way to end a Sunday evening. Good friends, good food and songs about the Savior's birth.


Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Sounds like fun! We and our neighbors two doors down are hosting a neighborhood singalong on the 23rd. Beth will haul her piano out onto the driveway (it's flat) and will play away. We are asking neighbors to bring something to share, and a chair. We'll supply hot chocolate and cider,

Ekim said...

Sounds like you needed a voice like mine there. An evening is not complete without comic relief.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Amy, where do you live that you can sing outside? We could do that but we'd all be dead! I hope you will post pictures! Have a WONDERFUL time. I'm just the tiniest bit jealous.

Ekim, your wit is comic relief enough but the P's would have been pleased to have you join us. Consider yourself invited next year. Our house.

Aprilyn said...

Oh I LOVE singing Christmas songs. We had a Stake Choir Festival on Sunday evening. It was fun. I ended up accompanying the choir instead of singing because the guy who is supposed to do it has never played the song yet. I volunteered. On the 23rd we're having a Stake Sing-in. Nathan will be singing a new song from the Children's Friend and I'll either play or sing or do both. I sing all the time (when my voice decides to grace me with it's presence..I have voice nodules). I love harmonizing and singing fun songs with my kids. Marshall's favorite song is "Mary's Lullaby"- the one from the Primary Songbook. He sings it so cute.