Saturday, December 1, 2007


Tonight, as I was throwing leftovers in pans in an effort to not have to cook dinner I ran across half a red cabbage and thought I would steam it. I love cooked cabbage with a bit of butter and a whole lot of splashes of apple cider vinegar. Which seems odd because when I was a kid I refused to eat cabbage. In fact I wouldn't even eat in the kitchen when mom served cabbage. The smell made me gag. My sisters pitched a royal fit because mom, who is/was an angel, (or maybe she was/is an angel) set a little table up on the back porch and let me eat there. (Thank you Mom, my own personal angel.)

Anyway, tonight as I was steaming the cabbage the water became and almost fluorescent aquamarine blue. No kidding, it really did. I have never seen that color in nature. Not even in documentaries of the waters off the Bahamas. Later it turned into more of a purplish cabbage color but for a minute there I thought we would be eating something that was going to change our genetics and tomorrow at church we would be trying to hide our third arms behind our backs and wondering what to do about the Cyclops eye in the middle of our foreheads. Where does Mother Nature come up with those colors?


Cindy said...

Why do the call red cabbage, red, when it's purple???

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

The same reason they call people with orange hair, red heads, I guess.

I have a friend who has red hair. Her dad has red hair--picture flaming orange. She was driving with him when she was small, she put her little arms around his neck--before the days of seat belts--and said, "I'm so glad I have hair the same color as you, Daddy. Purple."

Pam's Place said...

Can you think of a single blue colored food? Isn't that interesting? Red, yellow, orange, green, purple, brown: Yes. but no blue. I wonder why that is.

Astromom said...

It make you think about all that processed food that is weird colors, maybe it is mutating us all, it seems like you don't hear too much about some of our illnesses in history, maybe we are all becoming mutants.