Sunday, December 2, 2007


Tonight, while watching the Tabernacle Choir on TV I all of a sudden got a warm burst of happiness. It felt so good, so normal, like that is how I should feel every minute of every day. I think that is how we felt when we lived with Heavenly Father before coming to earth. Not all people believe that but I do and I think we were perfectly joyful.

Earth life is hard because we don't remember Heaven and we aren't able to know that no matter what happens here we will be all right. That we will be united with our Heavenly parents and our earthly parents too. It's hard to remember that when it's cold and dark and you worry about so many things.

Phil always says faith and fear cannot coexist. He's right.

Today I taught part of the lesson in Relief Society. I told the sisters how much I miss my mother. I told them I think she is with me a lot of the time, that angels are with all of us. We can't see them but they are there. I wish I were in tune enough to see my angels. Tonight, right now, when it's so dark and cold outside and I am missing my mom and the happy has fled. It would be comforting.


Astromom said...

I've found the happy I can feel when I'm really, really in tune like in the middle of a deep prayer, but it is hard to feel as in tune when you are missing someone so hurtfully bad, or when you are so stressed or just the pressures of this world get to us. It is easier to feel the happy when the sun comes out.

Aprilyn said...

I got to go to the 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional!! I've never been to anything like that and it was BEAUTIFUL!!

I miss my Mom too. It's been nearly 15 years now. It's a long time to be without a Mom. She died when I was just 18 yrs old.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

I miss my mom too.. I'll join the club. It has been not quite two years, and I try to think how she would act sometimes when I am dealing with my children... that doesn't mean it always works, but I try.