Saturday, December 15, 2007


Yesterday Ruby was here. She's two. She went potty. That's a big thing. I told her I was proud--as proud as a grandmother can be to see a poo-poo in the toilet. I was tending because her mom, my darling daughter and Phil went shopping for a new computer. They looked many places and found prices that were high. On her way home Hillary stopped at Office Max and bought a computer all by herself. With no advice from her computer geek brothers or her husband or her dad or nuthin'. Brave she is, my girl. I don't think I could have done it all by myself.

After they left I looked at the nativity I keep for the grandchildren--it's made of plastic and is pretty much indestructible. All the people, all the animals, were lying down. Even the chickens and the cat. Everyone needed a nap. Everyone but Ruby. Grandma, for instance needed a nap more than the camel or the donkey or the wise men or anyone else.


Rising Rainbow said...

Ya, that is how this grandma feels. When is naptime and how long do I get!

Cindy said...

Ruby is such a beautiful name. You are so lucky to have your grandkids close!! I'm so glad she went potty for you!! Much better place for poo-poo than in the pants!!!

Ekim said...

Good for Ruby and for Hilary. Ruby will get all the praise and Hillary will get the grief from everybody with an opinion. If anything goes awry with her computer, the opinions will really fly :-)