Friday, January 25, 2008


Yesterday this is what happened to the monitor screen while Phil was preparing his Sunday School lesson. His document was reduced to a one inch width.

As you might imagine he panicked. He had three pages of his lesson done and was afraid he'd loose it. He called for help. First to me, who knows Naahthing about computers, monitors, anything technological and can't even speeal easy words.

Phil called Taylor, "Help, my computer screen is one inch wide and I don't know how to save my document?" Taylor told him how to save it using key strokes. One problem solved.

Then he called Trent, "Help, do you have an extra monitor?" Of course he does, the computer junkie that he is. Two problems solved.

But we talked to Hillary too and she had an extra one and would bring it into us if we'd meet at the mall and shop the sales the next morning. Who could resist that? Sales and seeing Ruby, the golden haired moppet.

Last night I had computer withdrawal symptoms, I itched, had facial ticks and I sulked--no checking blogs--my new hobby--and no writing on my blog, either, which isn't such a loss but you know, it's kind of a habit by now. Phil had to relinquish the TV remote and then there was more twitching as he had to watch girl-stuff.

On the way to meet Hillary this morning, on University Ave., it was 33 degrees. We saw two men. One wore shorts, a short sleeved shirt, sandals and was carrying a coat under his arm. What was the matter with that man? He thought he was in the Caribbean. What would his mother think?

The second man wore a parka, ski gloves, pants made from the wool of 100 llamas, a scarf, a this-is-a-stick-up hood with just his scary eyes showing and a very large furry hat. What was the matter with that man. He thought he was at the South Pole. What would his mother think?

When we met my darling daughter, this is how she had Ruby dressed. In a sweater! Did I mention it was 33 degrees? What is the matter with my darling daughter?

Does this child look warm?

And look at this. Dressed the same exact way in a 72 degree store as in a 33 degree parking lot.

And, to make matters worse, look how adoringly she looks at her grandpa. I would be thrilled beyond normal sanity and would give up twitching, sulking and chocolate if Ruby loved me as much as she loves her grandpa. I would give up twitching and sulking, for sure.

So, I had a heart to heart talk with my darling daughter about dressing Ruby warmer and this is the kind of a respectful look she gave me. I ask you, is it any wonder I twitch, getting no respect from the girl who calls herself "yfc"--which stands for Your Favorite Child. I ask you. Seriously.

What's a mother to do?

And notice, this respectful child is not wearing a coat, either. Really, what's a mother to do?


whirligigdaisy said...

If it help, my father-in-law says that kids wear coats because their mothers are cold. Funny, huh? There might be some truth to it too, I think.

Mental P Mama said...

Sigh. Lynne, I totally feel your pain. Why don't they ever listen? I talk on, and on, and on, and on, and...they never hear a word...

Aprilyn said...

My Uncle Mack calls it cool man's disease. I dress my children warm in the winter. I am the good child. I listened! :) Ok, so I'm only partly the good child...I still go outside with wet hair in the winter if I don't have time to dry it.

Kristan said...

Well, you know the saying - Put on a sweater, because I'm cold. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you come back again. I love the computer screen with the pictures of the Savior! What a great way to encourage the right internet behavior. I will have to share that for good news in Relief Society on Sunday. We are always searching for good ideas for that kind of thing.

Ekim said...

At least you know what your daughter's mother thinks.

Anonymous said...

SHE WAS NOT COLD! Those faces she was making were because of the crazy lady behind the camera. Ruby was thinking "oh boy,not this woman again. I though I'd made it clear how I felt about her."
Hee hee

Still yfc.

Cindy said...

What's a mother to do?? Keep trying, your job is to annoy your children as much as possible, but not too much so that they will take care of you when you are old!! Looks like you are doing a great job, with that camera in their face everywhere you/they go!! I love all your pictures!!

I noticed when we were in Utah, that people dressed crazy!! Flip flops when it's snowing outside!!! What's with that!! I wonder about Utahans???

Anonymous said...

and today when the blizzard came Ruby said "look mamma, I got some sandals wike (like)you." haah hah