Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Yikes, it's almost midnight and I have just logged on for the day.

My friend, DeAnn, has just started a blog. Hop on over and give her some encouragement. She is doing it because I am such a nag. She will love it, and she will write some interesting things. Thank you, DeAnn.

I love it when people get tired of my nagging and do what I want.

DeAnn is one of the most talented writers I have ever met. She has a future in publishing if she can just carve out some hours every day to write. She wrote a piece about her mother that left the members of her Writer's Critique group without words. All I could say was, "Wow, DeAnn." Not worthy of her essay but that's all the words I could come up with. Maybe she will publish it on her blog someday.

Anyway, I will take her lead tonight to write a about our own Family Home Evening. Phil wanted to read together. As much as I like to do that I wanted something exciting.

Too late for a movie. I can hear you, That's excitement? Yes, our boring lives are pathetic. Other people jet off to Europe. I sit on the lawn swings--obviously not now, in the snow--but, if they were still out there I probably would bundle up and do it. Anyway, I sit in the lawn swings and watch the drama of the mountain and am content. I go to the movies--which I adore--but not R rated ones, and am happy.

So, I stood at the closet door and read off the list of games. Sorry, Clue--my favorite.

"I'm not fond of Clue," he said.

What's the matter with him? Clue is a great game but maybe because I win he does not have fond memories. Who wants to remember a wife who says, "Yes!" and slaps her hand on the table?

I read off the other possibilities. Scrabble being one. Don't let him choose Scrabble, I thought. I am not great at Scrabble unless miss-spelling and made up words count--with wonderfully believable definitions, occasionally I've even gotten away with them. If those count then I'm one fantastic Scrabble player.

So, we watched a Hallmark movie I had recorded in December. So much for making memories, for learning about the gospel or for excitement.

It's like those fireworks that I had to watch from the shed in Annabella, 5 1/2 miles away from Richfield, where the firework display was. The fireworks went "poink" (with a small "p") instead of "Whoosh! Bang!" Remind me to tell you that story someday. Right after the wooden leg one and the learning to drive one.

Family Home Evening tonight: "Poink." But luckily, I'm content.


Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Lynne, you crack me up. I love reading your stuff.. me? on the other hand, not so funny! Glad there are funny people on the earth to balance out the not so funny! Have a great day!

Cindy said...

Your family home evenings sound a lot like ours. Planned at the last minute but we do it!! Last night, we read scriptures, and a section from the Joseph Smith manual. Then my husband went and got a new battery for his car and installed that. Amazingly he finished before it was too late and we had time to play a quick game of "Scrambled States" and have some brownies. Sugar free, ones I might add!!
The important thing is that we got our family together!!

Aliki2006 said...

I bought Clue, Jr. for the kids for Christmas but they don't like it...

I love Clue!

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Hi Lynne!
I will say hello to DeAnn. It's fun to make new friends. I made myself a yummy breakfast & posted the recipe just for you! Lol. Have a nice day :D

Ekim said...

I have never played Sorry or Clue. A sheltered life.
What is your favourite movie? I have see Casablanca so many times it feels like a memory from my own life. And The Third Man (written by my fav author, Graham Greene).
I visited DeAnn's new home on the range.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Favorite movie...yet to be written. It would have genetic engineering, the end of the world and romance with a happy ending. How's that for weird.