Monday, January 21, 2008


Promised from Saturday's post:

They aren't really crazy, just pleasantly so. Just enough to take the hard edge off life and give it a spin and let the colors bedazzle you.

Sharee asked me if I wanted to go with her on Saturday to one of her favorite stores. I did. Taylor brought me some funky blue-type cheese. I gave him some cheddar sticks mixed with wasabi peas. We're like that, bestowing odd things on each other for no reason. Actually, we haven't given each other odd things much but it would be a great tradition. We should do it more often.

Bailey was with them--see Saturday's pictures for Bailey's good looking face.

The three of them are quick. They keep up a constant barrage of comments. You have to have timing to get your ideas in. They are quick in other ways too. Sharee was driving. We left a furniture store and wanted to turn left--on State Street. It was a "stop sign" street, not a "stop light" one. NO ONE turns left at a stop sign street onto State Street. No one. It's foolish, you will wait there four days.

"You'll never get across"--there are six lanes of traffic. "You'll have to turn right." I'm like that, always ready with helpful advice.

A side note: We have all been reading Carol Tuttle's book, Remembering Wholeness. In part of it she talks about petitioning your angels. Carol tells of an instance when her daughter said, "Have you noticed when I'm with you in the car you get mostly green lights?" When Carol asked her why she said, "I ask the angels to give us green lights."

So, Sharee cruises up to the stop sign. I again offer helpful "you'll have to turn right," advice, only its more of a command.

She turns her head, looks at me and says, "Oh ye of little angels."

She looks right, she looks left and there is a hole in the traffic--so help me, there is never a hole in traffic on State Street. There is a hole in the traffic going north and one going south. She turns left, and three seconds later all six lanes are clogged with traffic. I burst into laughter, she gives me a smug smile and away we go.

"Oh ye of little angels." My new favorite phrase.

Later we were discussing where to eat lunch. Everyone had an opinion including Bailey but he couldn't get a word in. He'd start to say something and someone else would drown him out.

Finally he yelled, "HOW COME EVERYONE'S WEARING CHICKEN-CHEESE UNDERWEAR." Only he yelled it so fast all the words ran together, like a flood.

"What?" we all chorused together, as if we had rehearsed.

"How come we never go to Chuck E. Cheese, anymore?"

Well, then.

After we ate--at Chuck A Rama--a local buffet restaurant--I heard Taylor say, "I'm sorry, Sharee, about the seat. I didn't know you would feel the vibration."

There are some things a mother shouldn't overhear although it is nice to hear that he apologizes for his indiscretions.

All day Taylor kept tattling, "Bailey's eating my sticks."

We reminisced about the time they left Liza in the carport. A post for another day.

I taught them the ever handy phrase, "We're gonna die," which Hillary, my wonderful daughter said so often, when driving with me. Again, a story for another day.

How lucky I am to have five children that I adore, and the people they have married I also adore and they have given me grandchildren, that I adore. How lucky can one woman get? All of them, all of them, are just a little bit crazy. I wonder if that's lucky too. Probably.


Cindy said...

Yes, you are incredibly lucky!! You have a wonderful family, craziness and all!! Just think how boring life would be without a little craziness!!
I love reading your stories!!

CATHY said...

Hi Lynne,

I am not sure how you were able to post a comment on my blog, but I am glad you did. How did you find it? I don't think I know you do I?

Anonymous said...

You are indeed lucky. Crazy people make for the best company. How boring our lives would be without our children.

Thanks for leaving a comment over at my place.:)


stampingqueen said...

I love your stories. I was laughing so hard at the chicken-cheese underpants comment that I had to lay down so my belly would stop hurting! Kid's say the darndest things.

Crazy people are the best kind of have around. And from the crazies we have on this side of the family, I'm thinkin' that gene may have orginated on your side, not Phil's (though you can claim it's Phil all you want - I know better!).

Love you,

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Lisa, don't laugh too hard yet. Save it for labor. Not funny, was it? Sorry.

We got your Christmas card today. Very cute! Thanks so much and thanks for the comment.

I loves you all,
Aunt Lynne

Anonymous said...

I am NOT crazy. It wasn't heed that was adopted it must have been me. I only yelled "we're gonna die" when it was totally approipate. Or however you spell that word. yfc. Oh I should be cleaning up dinner (it's 9:58pm) but instead I am reading your blogish-ness luvuby