Thursday, January 31, 2008


"Hello," I wave my hand frantically in the air and Phil pushes the pause button. Listen, listen, talk, talk, listen. "Good-bye." Un-pause.

"Hello," and we do the whole pause-listen-talk-good-bye routine two more times.

So, because of the pausing during LOST I did not have to watch any commercials. And because Phil had the remote, I did not get to watch the commercials that looked interesting. Zip, right through them all. All the upcoming movie trailers--didn't see those. The brand new commercials that looked halfway decent--didn't see those.

But...because we had also pushed the magic button. The little red magic "record" button I can go back and watch it all. And look for hidden meanings and clues and try to figure out what is going to happen in seven weeks, when the writer's strike is still on and we are left hanging...again.

I wonder how many babies have played the part of Claire's baby? And how many will? And are expectant parents in the LA area hoping for bald headed twins with blue eyes?

I wonder if it's in Hurley's contract that he can't diet until the series is over?

I wonder if this addiction is better or worse than a being addicted to chocolate.

And hey! What the heck ever happened to that plane-shaking, pilot-snatching, smoky monster? How many plot lines are possible in one series? This one looks like an eighteen-legged octopus. And if we remember all the people who have died--that had an interesting semi-plot going--it looks like a whole aquarium full of octopi, and a handful of worms thrown in, just for good measure.


Pam's Place said...

I must have been on the other end of the "Listen, listen, talk, talk, listen, listen" conversation. I thought you sounded like you were in the middle of something. :-)

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Yup, you were. Sorry. What an air-head I can be sometimes. Does Bob watch LOST?

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

We never got sucked into Lost at our house.. but plenty of other shows...which this writer's strike is seriously putting a crimp into our TV watching schedule.

THank goodness for the DVR/tivo, so that we can record movies in the dead of night, and watch them when it is semi-light.

Astromom said...

I recorded LOST last night because I've heard so much from everyone, but I haven't watched it yet, I'm debating if I want to get into another show, but I am certainly curious about what people see in the show, so maybe I'll watch it tonight. I've been a little sad about the strikes too.

Lee W. said...

I used to watch Lost, unitl they moved it too late. Then, I was going to watch lat night, and skipped it. I'll wait for the DVDs.

cnlpeterson said...

Why wait for DVDs when you can watch every single LOST episode on at your convenience. For free - and in streaming HD.

Sorry I don't work for ABC, I just watch my shows online so I don't have to worry about bedtimes and kids and other annoying interruptions. And they post the shows the morning after the air, so you can keep up (or catch up) and watch the next episode on TV if you want.

Just wanted you all to know about that fabulous method of getting in your addiction. CBS and NBC do it, too, though their viewing methods are as extensive.