Sunday, January 27, 2008


What a sad day for us but a glorious day for President Gordon B. Hinckley who will be reunited with his beloved wife. How glorious for him to meet the Savior and the Prophet Joseph Smith. How sad we are for ourselves. Always, it is the ones left behind who feel bad, who grieve, who feel empty and lonely.

He was such an ambassador for living a life of goodness and for courage. He told us many times, "Everything will be all right." He told us this after national tragedies and about personal ones. We believe him, we love him and will miss him. His teachings will be treasured by us forever.

He stood for all things good, for all things of Christ, for keeping the family strong and keeping personal worthiness. He was a man of vision and happiness and humor. He was a worker. He never stopped, never slowed down, he carried a cane and used it to wave to the crowds with.

He was ninety-seven. We love him. There are many tears tonight--and much rejoicing too, much rejoicing for a life well lived.

My son expressed how he felt, growing up under the influence of this loving prophet. Click here to read what he had to say.

Here is the church website
Meridian Magazine article about President Hinckley


whirligigdaisy said...

Amen. Well put, Lynne.

Cindy said...

Beautiful, Lynne. That is exactly how I feel. Happy for him, but very sad for us. I will miss him.

Thanks for your lovely comment about the flower. I never would have thought of that!!

kelly said...

I feel just the same way. He was the prophet I grew up with and really gained a testimony of.
I will miss him, but I just think he earned a break.
And, how happy will he be to see his sweetheart!

Susan said...

I am not LDS yet I shall miss him too! he was a wonderful man.