Monday, February 22, 2010


I kind of pride myself on being a reasonable adult. For instance, when my oldest child was little I wanted him to learn the proper names for things. I wanted him to have perfect grammar. I wanted to be the kind of a mother he deserved so there were no nicknames for anything.

When he was two we left him with a baby sitter while we went to the National Homebuilding show in Texas. We were gone five or six days. When we came home his life had been changed. He had newly acquired names for everything. The first one was "jammies." They had always been pajamas--the proper name. No more. Farewell, proper names for everything. So much for being a responsible adult.

Today I went to Weight Watchers. (Not that I'm following their diet, exactly. What I'm really doing is following Jorge Cruise's diet--the Belly Fat Cure. But, by Sunday I wanted sugar--this diet allows NO sugar. Well, 15 grams a day. That equals no sugar. So, I didn't do as well as I could have because, on Sunday, I had more carbs than I'm allowed and there was sugar in the vegan pepper steak--which was goood. So I was over my carbs and sugar, by a lot. I thought I would have gained but I lost three point something pounds.) Now, I ask you, is that something a reasonable adult would do, go to Weight Watchers but not follow their diet?

After Weight Watchers I went to DI (Deseret Industries--like Goodwill.) And I looked at clothes because my shirts are getting too big. And I found a bunch for anywhere from one to three dollars so I took them to the counter. Guess who left her credit card, drivers licence and all things important in her church bag? They wouldn't let me write a check without ID. So I had to come home and then go back.

When I was home Phil asked me what I was buying at DI. Then he said, "You're buying USED clothes?" as if I were doing something unreasonable, like rob a bank or try to sew something--anything--even a straight seam. Don't ask. I have been known to sew things together--like the item on the sewing machine and the clothes I'm wearing at the time. It's very embarassing to wear extra clothing, hanging off your shirt. The "picker-outer" is my best friend. Or was, when I sewed. I now do the reasonable thing and leave that chore to someone without a handful of thumbs.

"No, Phil, I'm buying new ones from the DI factory." Note to self: husband does not appreciate snide remarks. He might even think you are childish and not a responsible adult at all.

Leaving all my important stuff in my church bag, including my driver's license and then speeding to make the green (yellow--turning to red) light and making illegal lane changes. Is that reasonable?

And, really, who used to wear those clothes I bought? I think the reasonable thing to do is not to think about it, don't you? (They were washed and disinfected, weren't they? Say yes, say yes.)

I knew I was a reasonable adult all along. And, Trent, they are pajamas, and you ought to tell your kids that, just in case they have some other plebeian name for them. It's the reasonable thing to do.


JJ said...

I to never got into talking baby talk to kids, but when it really frustrated me was when I was ten or when I see people talking to a 10 year old kid still using baby talk, and after reading your post I think your being resonable and responsible :)

whirligigdaisy said...

Oh, I love thrift stores. Remember "things softened by someone else?" Just wash 'em. You'll be fine. Love 'ya. How are you?

tearese said...

My mom is totally disgusted with the idea of buying things at DI. we buy stuff there all the time: our couch, some chairs, a couple of movies, a dresser....and they were all in good condition.
I even bought a few shirts for my kids, but my mom is convinced everything at DI is holy and worn out and ruined and she would never shop there. Even though I distinctly remember getting a couch and mattresses there when we were kids. But she denies the whole thing- like it is literally erased from her memory.

Karen Deborah said...

OK what makes people think that NEW clothes are clean? People try them on don't they? I mean really people who may have scabies or some other nasty skin condition still go and try on clothes. Just wash them.
I personally love baby talk. Jammies, ba-ba, blankie, nite nite, num num.s baby suga- the works....

Michael Rawluk said...

Clothing deserves to have a life beyond that first little go with one person. The first owner was just breaking things in for you.

When I first read Deseret Industries I thought you went to Dessert Industries after Weight Watchers.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Who says we have to be reasonable adults??

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i so totally agree on the answered prayers that you left I have always (as long as i have been grown and can recall that i tell people God always answers prayers.... with yes, no or not yet... same premis but i actually like yours better.
Ummm how to keep smiling and laughing... remember the conversation some time back on the gratitude lists??
they work...
YEARS back when i was 17ish... and life really sucked ... i was batteling alcoholism trying to live sober while fighting with my own mother about why i was NOT too young to be an alcoholic a friend handed me a calendar book it was a day a page with a lot of room to write... it may have been a planner or something... anyway that person challenged me to write at least ONE thing each day that i was grateful for... some days it was that i was grateful not to see that darn (bit stronger word i used) but anyway ... person who gave me that darn book...
as time went on i found things to be greatful for... a good grade in class, a hot meal, the green grass, not drinking for that day, a cool breeze, the cushion that i had to sleep on, I did not have a bed back in those days but the cushion off an old couch and i slept on the back porch of my cousins little three room place and truly loved it there :)
anyway that STUCK and some years ago i stumbled across that book and re read it and realized just how simple and wonderful my life was back then... how the HUGE things that seemed so insurmountable were really small and how God had somehow slipped in and taken over my gratitude list because somewhere about half way through there suddenly was at the end of each day the words "thank you God for this day" I have managed to put that book away from myself again but am pretty sure it may be out in the shed with a big number of books... and if i ever find it i will have to send it to you so you can read it.
but honest... it works and one day you look up and realize that you have not had to work hard to think up one good thing to be thankful for that your list is so long that all you can do is smile and say thank you God :)
Love n hugs and thanks for visiting me it always makes me smile to see you there :)

Astromom said...

You are one of the most reasonable people I know, and no one can complain about being economical in times like this, its new to you so it's new.

N7GMT said...

Well, they're called a Schlafanzug now, or more generally pajamas, so I guess it stuck after all.

I. Can. Not. Stand. Babytalk.

It's belittling; it's damaging. My wife has a cousin who is sixteen who can't talk normally because he was baby-talked to. He's never recovered. And because someone thought it was cute he was never taken to a therapist. Poor kid.

Sure, it's (sometimes) cute when a baby talks in baby-talk, but anyone over the age of five should not use it. Yes, I sometimes tell my two year-old it's time for "nigh'night", but the six year-old (and usu. even the three yr. old) is told "it's time for bed" and usually tell the two year-old that it's "time to go say prayers", and kneel down with him.

And God allows us to be unreasonable. (If he didn't, he would cease to be God, of course.) It's what makes us who we are. It is, however, being reasonable about reasonable things that makes us more like Him.

So I guess the question is, is it reasonable to be reasonable about such-and-such, or can I just do what I'm inclined to? Kind of a corollary to the old saying:

"Don't give up what you want most for what you want at the moment."

Words to Live by.

(Hmm ... am I being reasonable about {shudders} baby-talk? Dunno. But I sleep well at night.)

Annette said...

Way to go on the weight loss! You are looking wonderful. And, you have to give yourself a little break sometimes.

Stepped in H-E Double L said...

This is funny stuff! Thanks for a good laugh.

hillary said...

Is it reasonable to dispise mouth breathers, and people who can only spell words the correct way?

PS don't even get me started about all the AWESOME stuff I've bought at Savers. DI not so much.

PPS I got carn in my gooms