Saturday, February 6, 2010


I've never been a great speller, except in the fourth grade when I was one of the last ones "down" in the spelling bee. From then on it was down hill in a little red wagon with ball bearings.

I still don't know for sure how to spell broccoli. This must be right as spellcheck found no errors. That's a first, by the way. To have written three sentences and have no errors.

But, the point is, not only am I a poor creative speller but now my fingers have an identity crisis, they think they are clubs or toes or some strange body part that has mutated from a normal one, that might be featured on National Geographic. I type and even words I know how to spell, easy ones like "and" come out strange. "With" is "wtih." I can never send an email--spelled "eamil" AND "emial"--with no errors. I always have to slog away through-- "throuth"--changes.

Is it age? Is that why I'm getting worse? I'm blaming it on winter. Which I spelled "wihtnr." Pathetic, any way it's spelled.

So when I show up in the comments box on your blog and my spelling is atrocious just say to yourself, "There's Lynne, the creative speller." I'll bless you for it. Actually I'll "blsess" you, but you'll know what I mean.


Julie Harward said...

Oh Lynne..I'll just be happy to see you in my comments section...I am NOT one of THOSE people who delight in correcting everyone..I'd rather be dead! Come as you are, it's all good to me! (By the way, I do all of that too!) Come say hi :D

Michael Rawluk said...

I think it has to do with thinking about the next word while typing this word. That happens to be so I get blended words. Or blenrds.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

yaeh me too!

Shawn said...

Hey beautiful lady! I think that I have the same problem when I am typing----my fingers don't go as fast as they used to....arrggghhh!

Sorry I have been absent again from the blogging world---I am exhausted from working all the time---doing two shows at my theater at the same time----but I am hoping for a bit of a break this month! I will be in your neck of the woods this month----can we get together this time? :)

Joseph said...

I've been having this problem too! At first I blamed it on a new computer keyboard, but now its been a year so I don't think I can use that excuse anymore. Maybe its braincells lost from childbirth? I hear that old wives tale is true. Also, I tend to put double letters in words where they don't belong. Sometimes several double letters.

tearese said...

sorry that was me! I was signed in as my husband. Ooops.