Tuesday, February 9, 2010


About five years ago I got sick in the summer. I don't remember what I had but after I got better I started having anxiety and then even mild panic attacks. I started searching the Internet. I subscribed to a newsletter from Panic Away. I haven't ordered the course because it's not nineteen-ninety-five and they don't give this spiel..."Wait! That's not all. We'll give you one free. That's two for the low price of one. Just $19.95."

Actually, I think it's reasonably priced--especially for people who have been in therapy/counseling for years and years--and one of these days I might order. Just not today. But, here's what I learned on the "Panic Away," site:

End Anxious Thoughts In 4 Easy Steps by just labeling the thought and not reacting. Four steps: Observe, Label, Watch, Move on. In other words don't try to put it out of your mind. When it comes--the panic-- observe it--don't run from it. Then give it a name--I'm afraid that "whatever will happen." Watch as it passes by with no judgment. And then move on your attention to whatever it was you were doing.

Phil and I were going to Beam Ray tonight. I had anxious thoughts. Usually I try to put it out of my mind but I decided to try this method tonight. It didn't work perfectly but it did work. Then on the ride home I started worrying and panicking about people that aren't even my responsibility. I did it again and turned it around, thinking that they are perfectly capable of solving their own problems.

Then I brought the Savior into the mix and the panic fled even faster.

I'm not saying I have this thing whipped. Far from it. But, in case you suffer like I do, go to Panic Away site and click on some of the topics. Exhaustion and anxiety is one. Gratitude lifts the weight of anxiety is another. These are some of the topics that come in his newsletter.

A couple of days ago a friend told me about a visit to a counselor. The counselor gave three bits of advice. One: Write down you hurts, anger, disappointment, depression, etc. Words written down loose their power. I can testify that this is true. Two: I can't remember number two. When I talk to this person and learn number two I'll put it in a new blog. Three: Keep a gratitude journal. A study was done at the University of Utah about gratitude journals. Students were asked to keep one for several months. After that time the students all had a more positive attitude about life, were able to handle stress better. I am going to do both. Actually, I do number one--sadly, infrequently--and I know it helps.

So, if you are anxious or have panic attacks check out this site. You can sign up for his newsletter too.

And, hey, let's get happy. Let's slay the panic dragon. We deserve to be free of this beast.
And I, simply once and forever, need to quit taking on other people's problems. They don't even know I do it and it's paralyzing me. I can love them, think about them, even worry a bit about them but I CAN'T take on their burdens. They will figure a way out of their own problems, my worry won't make one bit of difference. So, I'm going to let them have their own problems. And don't you do this behavior either, it's useless and paralyzes you.


Julie said...

Hi Lynne, Your honesty and warm heart are endearing. I too, used to fret over other people's well being - so much worry and regret. I was taking two medications for allergies that I later found had steriods in them...well, being a natural born worrier anyway - the combo was not a good one for me. Today, after no use of steroids, I find that I fret less. So, look at your meds....it's a thought.

You are a wise woman to accept the things that you cannot control. Even though it makes us sad that we cannot.

Blessings to you - Julie

Laura ~Peach~ said...

ok my friend we need to talk :)

Empathy causes pain I know i have way to much of it... but... i also have tools to deal with it. I think LOL

as you know i have developed a manner in which to live... and I try to live by it ... sometimes I grab it back and hug it till it hurts too much then it has to go again.

Letting go and letting God handle things is a hard one because he does not always do it the way I THINK that he should...

And detaching with love is HArd as heck too... but it is doable with practice...

and... Gratitude list YES YES YES YES and writing (blogging) and letting it go YES YES YES...

You are so fun, smart, sweet , kind and helpful (most of the time i am sure you dont have a clue that you are helping me and I am sure so many others... so maybe KNOWING that the things you take on and carry that we dont know about also enables you to help us when you dont know it... did that makes sense at all???

anyway... seems like i may have emailed you my phone number at one time... if not and you want it let me know I will send it to you :)

You make me smile when many times there is not much to smile about here... LOVE and HUGS and Prayers

Julie Harward said...

I agree...and 90% of what we worry about never happens! I loved the "bringing the Savior into it, I know that works!..Come say hi:D

Muum said...

thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas. when I am 'upset without reason' it helps if I can take a deep breath and ask for Help. Just recognizing that I am far more upset than the situation warrants helps a lot.

aubrey and hunter hartman said...

Aunt Lynne! This is Lezlie's daughter, Aubrey. I hope you remember me! My mom sent me this link to your blog because she knows how much I love blogging and keeping in touch with family and friends through it. I am so happy to hear you are doing well! We should get together sometime for lunch or something, as we live in the same city. I will be following your blog from now on at the very least! Take care. Love, Aubrey.

Michael Rawluk said...

In Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy they had a Don't Panic button instead of a Panic button.

Mental P Mama said...

Oh I know that agony well...I suffered for years in my mid-twenties. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger was never more true than to a panic attack sufferer.

JJ said...

Thanks for your visits, I have finally made it back to posting other than on flickr,

I think your final paragraph is very important for you to stick to, its the best for you and everyone, you only hamper and hurt yourself trying to take on other peoples problems and your better of feeling for them being supportive without taking on there issues


オテモヤン said...
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Annette said...

Very, very thoughtful and insightful. Thank you.