Sunday, February 28, 2010


Greg Olsen painting, Precious in His sight.

Today, in Sacrament Meeting, I was sitting in front of a young family. Their little boy, about age four was making the regular little-boy noises, quietly, not disruptive at all when I heard very clearly, "Help me find the way." This is a line from the song "I Am a Child of God." (
Click here to hear this song.)

Years and years ago, when we lived in Modesto, California, Phil worked with a family whose young boy was about the same age as today's little boy. One day his mom was chatting with a gentleman and the man looked down at the young boy, ruffled his hair, and said, "And whose little boy are you?"

"I am a child of God," the boy said.

Today in Relief Society one young mother mentioned that every time she left the house her mother would say, "Remember who you are." The girl, who was a teenager, and had heard this statement thousands of times always said--in her mind--"Yeah, yeah," but she never forgot who she was and she could hear her mother's voice--again in her mind-- "Remember who you are," over and over and over. This young mother is now married and has twin girls and you can bet they hear this statement often.

Let's all remember who we are. No matter how tattered we feel. No matter what level of spirituality we are currently on. No matter if we believe in God or just wish we could believe. It is my sincere testimony that we are all God's children. He wants us to live our lives well so we can return to him.

I am going to give up one bad habit in March so I can become more like the Father that I know I have. It's not going to be easy. I've been struggling with this one thing for years and years--as long as I can remember. It won't keep me out of Heaven but if I can give it up I will feel better about myself. Now I have big things too, things I know I shouldn't do or things I know I should, but I'm going to start with this one small one and then tackle the harder ones next.

And isn't that the bottom line? We all want to feel better about ourselves. We want to know who we are and where we belong. And, along the way, we need help. We need people to help us find the way. We need to remember who we are so we have the conficence to live better so, when our earth life is over, we can return to our Father.


Julie Harward said...

For years I have had a poster on my fridge, a picture of the Savior, it says...You are never alone. I believe that, it is comforting to me. Thanks for your good thoughts today..and God bless! :D

Stepped in H-E Double L said...

Great reminder!

We had a lesson in Relief Society over the talk "The Love of God" which kind of reminds us of the same thing. We are loved and should strive to be more like our Father, so we should go out and love others.

This is a major work in progress for me personally.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

the sing hanging to the right above my sink is, Jesus and Germs are everywhere so wash your hands and say your prayers!

I love Pat stories... did i ever tell you that one of the first posts of yours i ever read was about Pat and i had to keep coming back and in turn have gotten a wonderful NET friend from it. THANKS PAT! :)

yeah i am aboput 4 days behind we have been ill here and not on line much :] we are much better now

Karen Deborah said...

We need...God provides...we share...He is glorified.
There is a gospel song that goes like this and your post brings it to my mind..

Jesus saves yes He does He will make of you something new and cleanse the sin that was, The Holy Spirit whispers no longer must you be enslaved--just remember Jesus saves...

Lynn you are one special woman.

Betsy said...

what great thoughts! I need to go check out that song! :)

hillary said...

Em's dad always told us to mind our p's and q's. No wonder we were so weird. How do you mind your p's and q's anyway?

Groo Family said...

lyne, I just wanted to tell you thank you for being you. I have read a little of your blog. Some touch me deeply and some make me giggle. Have you thought of writting a book? I wanted to tell you thank you so much for loving me enough to pay for a CRV treatment. However I left the money for it with Tim so you dont have to worry about paying for your next one. Thank you for being you. I feel so lucky getting to know you-Mattie

Whimsy said...

This was just wonderful. Thank you for the reminder - we all need to hear it from time to time.

(Thank you for stopping by The Creamery - you're welcome any time!)