Monday, February 8, 2010


Yesterday we were guests at a birthday dinner for our granddaughter, Maddy, who, it seems is growing up. We gave her--to be redeemed in the future--lunch out and then we will come back home for endless grandma-stories and jewelry making. Her favorite gift, I think, was a "pouffy" skirt that her sister, Ruby gave her (who spent the day dressed as Bo Peep, complete with sheep).
Or maybe her favorites were her Chuck Taylor shoes. We still owe five grandkids birthday lunches and movies--or maybe they want lunch and something else, like Maddy does. (We are going to have a busy time, once our ship comes in.) One of our sons is owed a birthday treat too. What do you buy a gadget freak who buys all his own gadget stuff? Maybe he should let me know.

We had Cafe Rio salads and that yummy Robert Redford's favorite dessert (about fifteen years ago--he loved the dessert fifteen years ago, this dessert isn't that old). The chocolate version--it was yummy. (Click here for the lemon version.)
And then, this afternoon, I gave Minkey a bath. The kitchen is flooded, the counters are flooded, and my sleeves are wet to the elbow. Minkey is happy to be clean, just didn't like the process.That's pretty much like all of us, isn't it? We love progress and better things. We like being better people, want to be more educated, perhaps thiner and more fit, etc. We just sometimes don't like the process it takes to get there.

Birthday, Miss Maddison!

And stay clean, Minkey. I don't know if I have another bath in me.


Colette Amelia said...

Happy Birthday Maddy! Love those shoes!

What a nice way to spend the day grandma!

And I agree it is the work in progress that is less desirable than the finish! Good thing we have such a charming post to help the progress!

Brian Miller said...

what wonderful pics! i still have a pair of chucks they are my favs! looks like she had a wonderful birthday!

thanks for popping over today!

Julie Harward said...

Your grand children are so very cute! I'm sure they were thrilled to have you there. And the cat looks like it is giving you a dirty look! LOL Come say hi :D

Julie said...

Wow, I like everything Maddy received for her birthday...if I were only younger I'd have one of those poufy skirts!

Such a sweet little old is she? Grandkids are a blessing or so I have heard...I don't have any yet so I make do with my niece and nephew.

xo Julie

tearese said...

how fun to do that with all your grandkids! You better let them collect soon, you never know what might happen to make it impossible thereafter.
My grandpa used to take us out to lunch and to pick out a present at the store every year (for Christmas or birthdays, I'm not sure which or both?). The last time he took my sister and I out, we bought the presents, then he offered to take us to lunch.
Being the stupid rotten teens we were we said something like, "I don't know. If YOU want to I guess we can."
Really, we were both excited to go. But he took us home and we never went to lunch- we're still not sure if it was because of us or if he just forgot? But he died later that year.
I still feel horrible about it!
Not that I'm saying you're going to die or anything. But you get the idea.

Annette said...

Lucky grandchildren to have you as a grandma! The dessert looks wonderful.

hillary said...

How dare you blog about my childs birthday before I do. Maybe I should be more on the ball.

Michael Rawluk said...

Happy Birthday, Maddy!