Saturday, February 20, 2010


Be of good cheer.

He allows us to suffer and have trials so we can fill our lamps with oil.

President Kimball said the most important thing is to remember we have a veil of forgetfulness.

Before you can be teachable you have to see your weaknesses.

Nothing is more disarming than humility.

What do we put on our personal banner (like Captain Moroni) so we can move forward? (I decided to put, "Why should I fear with the Lord by my side." It will change from time to time but for this time in my life, when I AM fairly full of fear, this is going to be it.)

A "why" question makes people defensive.

Satan doesn't want us to know our core emotions.

Elder Bednar--2 greatest "somethings"--I didn't get that part--distraction and preoccupation.

Don't take on other people's problems.

In Heaven: There is a chair there with your name on it. Let there be no empty chairs. Note to self: Google to find the author and actual quote.

Thank the Lord for that little light.

Quiet yourself so you can hear the still small voice.

Vaccinations: Put my arm in a sling made out of a white dishcloth. Many kids came with slings made the same way. I can't believe I wasn't embarrassed to go to school like that.

When we cleaned out Mom and Dad's house I thought I'd find the skirt. I really thought it would be there. It would fit one leg now, but I would have like to see it; I could have said, "I was this thin. Once."

Once she let go of fixing, the whole universe has opened up to her creative juices. When we are fixers we spend so much energy. When we give it up we have more energy.

I can trust my feelings.

Pod cast, Writing

Steam Punk, YA by Scott Westerfield, Leviathan. He wrote The Pretties, The Uglies, etc.

The Alliance by Lund.

The Graveyard Book, MG

The Magician's Elephant

Maze Runner by James Dashner

When you see someone and can't understand their behavior--why would they behave that way, be emotionally flattened? Maybe because of their family history.

Don't say, "Don't feel that way," say, "Help me understand how you feel."

Encourage them to keep journals. Write their feeling.

Depression is learned helplessness. Emotional flat lined. Personal growth stunted.


Shawn said...

Hey pretty lady! Do you want to join us this MOnday for a quick lunch? E-mail me!! I am in town for a short time to see Haileys show and would love to see you!!


The Damsel In DisDress said...

I need someone to explain to me what steam punk is. Can you?

tierneyzan said...

This is how lazy and or tired I am: I just wondered if my chair in heaven could please, please be a La-Z-Boy.

Annette said...

Thank you for the notes. You take better ones than I do!