Thursday, April 10, 2008


It's 11:40 and we finished dinner about a half hour ago. Lord Bumhampton and Nurse Giggleswich were in Salt Lake City all day, planning the funeral for her father, and didn't get home until late.

Such a sad time, she is handling it well. Thank you to all who sent your sympathies to her in my comments section and in emails to me. She appreciates it so much.

I made chicken for Cafe Rio salads--the chicken recipe I kept finding on the Internet. But, Her Excellency of Mousehole got involved in the tasting and decided it needed her expert spice-shaking-touch and by the time she was finished it was outrageously delicious. Her cooking skills have passed my own--as you might guess, she is hanging over my shoulder, telling me what to type. Now she sighed and called me an idiot and then said, "Bless your heart." We understand each other, my last-born-favorite-child. Her words again, but I guess she is my favorite last born child.

I fried some raw tortillas--from Costco--put a bit of chicken on top--so much for a vegan meal today--I wonder if it would work with tofu?--added some S&W Caribbean Beans, rice, chopped romaine, Cafe Rio Salad dressing, and Red Hot pepper sauce on it, rolled it into a taco shape and ate it. Three times. It was fantastic! Now I am one and a half tacos too full. I must figure out what our combined efforts for the chicken were so I can post it on my cookbook blog. I forgot to take a picture to post with it. So much for late dinners and starving participants, gobbling everything down with no chance for a photo.

Don't eat this late. You'll be miserable, like me who is too full by one and a half tacos. But if you do eat this late be sure it is something worth the misery.


C.C. said...

"One and a half tacos too full" are so funny! The recipe sounds really yummy. Thanks so much for the soy milk info...I depend on soy milk to keep my hot flashes in check!

Michael Rawluk said...

Maybe you and your favourite last born should work on a cookbook together.

Lee W. said...

YUMMY! I ate leftover mac n cheese and a handful of Hershy kisses...