Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Last week at church, in our marriage and family relations class, our teacher said something like, "I try to always remember to call my wife in the middle of the day and tell her I love her."

Good grief, man. Don't you know you wife is busy in the middle of the day? Here are some of the things she is doing"

Changing the diaper--Oh, no, I have to stop in the middle of this and hope I can reach the phone without the baby flipping onto the floor or peeing on the wall .

Food preparation--Oh, no. I have to wash my hands but if I do that I'll miss that call so I'll swipe them with a paper towel and then wipe them on my pants. And then, for the rest of the day, bits of pant-debris will peel off her pants like tiny food cigars.

Watching Oprah or Rachael Ray or other important TV shows for a FEW, VERY FEW MINUTES and the phone rings during some time other than commercials--Oh, no. just when I was going to find out how to achieve world peace or how to make a great dinner in 20 minutes.

Lying in a heap somewhere for ten minutes while the children are miraculously napping or otherwise engaged when the phone rings--Oh, no. I was almost asleep for eleven seconds.

She then drags herself off the couch and answers the phone and fakes a cheerful voice and says some lie like, "Oh, honey, how nice of you to call."

As soon as she hangs up the baby cries or one of the kids flushes a toy or the last bit of her perfume down the toilet and her hope for more than eleven seconds of rest for the day are GONE.

In the middle of some household task the phone rings: Oh, no. Who could that be. She never gets back to the task and when hubby gets home and the laundry is still in a messy pile on the couch he looks at her like she is a slacker and vows never to call with loving words again.

Do yourself a favor, men. Before you leave the house give her a hug and tell her you love her and then tell her to think of somewhere she'd like to go for date night on Friday and call it good. Then, when you get home put an apron on and say, "What can I do to help?"

She will adore you until all the days of your life and a whole lot longer.

Now that will lead to a great marriage and a great relationship.

Trust me.


Cindy said...

So true, Lynne! You are such a wise woman. I hope you spoke up in class and shared your advice!!

Kathy said...

Funny stuff. We're really not supposed to be doing all that daily are we?

Becky said...

So true!
My Sweetie helps when he can.

stampingqueen said...


Laura ~Peach~ said...

I must be one of the weird ones... I love it when my hubby has time and uses it to call me to tell me he loves me. But then I am the weird one who loves sitting on the back porch watching the grass grow with my hubby...granted he does not call every day and I would never expect him to but I do love when he does... and after 21years together I wont tell him to stop :) HUGSSSSSSSSSS

Victoria said...

My hubby and I email all day long. Sometimes he calls me to tell me to stop emailing. =)

The morning Hug is almost as important as the goodnight Kiss.

tearese said...

thats funny...I DO get annoyed when my husband calls in the middle of the day without a purpose. It was only cute the first year we were married.