Saturday, April 26, 2008


Here are just a few things that we could think of today that we call by the wrong names.

When the kids were little and they would say, "I'm done!" I would say, "Cookies are done, you are finished." I don't know why the word "done" bothered me so much but they still remember and now remind me that I am never done but might be finished. Actually, I am never finished, either.

Gilmore Girl has a way of speaking all her own. She refuses to call things by their proper names. Your head is a "Mellon," so here is a picture of Curly Sue's "ForeMellon."

This is not a Box Elder Bug. It is a "Charlie Bob." When The Brown Dot was about 5 year old he told me this bug was called Charlie. I asked what his last name was and he said, "Bob." We have never called it anything else ever since.

When Curly Sue and her family were in Wal-Mart one day they saw those round foam pool floats, kind of like these.

Curly Sue said, "What are these?"

Her dad said, "They are Curly Sue Whackers." He picked one up and whacked her over the head with it. Now even their friends call this pool toy "Curly Sue Whackers."

Does your family members call the "ground" the "floor" and the "floor" the "ground" like my family does half of the time. I even hear newscasters make this mistake.

My niece once called a "dish cloth" a "dish rag" on a local TV program because that name had come down through the generations when her Great Grandma probably used any old rag to wash dishes with.

And do you ever get the "Feel Bads?" And do you get your "Feeler's" hurt?

I hope not. I hope you are as "happy as a clam." Or as happy "as if you had good sense."

My mom used to say--about people who were ornery--"he wouldn't be happy if he were hung with a new rope." I never could figure that one out but I guess, since it was coming from Mom, who always made the best of a tough situation it was a good reminder to be happy, no matter what.

And I hope you are.


Anonymous said...

Remember the "clicker"?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

LOVE this... Yeah we do silly things like that too but I actually think your families names for things far surpass the creativity of mine LOL.

ps I really hate the spelling eye check thingy...better known as word verification... glasses or contacts two inches or two feet does nto matter I simply have a hard time figuring it out!

Bax said...

I call things by "strange" names that don't seem so strange to me at all...but seem to baffly my husband! Oh well...keeps him guessing! : )

Michael Rawluk said...

I have a list of words that bother me. Stores have the 15 items or less teller. It should be 15 or fewer.
And then there is capture instead of photograph. It is a PHOTOGRAPH!

tearese said...

I alway say kleenex or tissue, but my husband often says 'snot rag' and it drives me nuts! I taught him early on in our marriage to say wash cloth rather than dish rag!

Karen Deborah said...

You started sumthin, go look at april showers, you'll crack up.
I grew up saying, "crack the winda"
and I still say dish rags. Purty instead of pretty, fixin instead of repairin, and a whole mess more. My kids say I can say "nasty" better than anyone else. Can't type how that comes out.

Coffee Bean said...

What's wrong with "dish rag?"

We say the "feelers" which is funny because I thought we came up with it and never thought anyone else said it.

My brother and his wife call diarrhea the "runny bunnies."

Lee W. said...

LOL! Let's see- definitely "clicker". We say "far-head" for forehead and "r-ange" for orange. Ice box. Ever heard "bleed like stink" or "bleed like a stuck pig"? Warsh rag. Dish rag. "Nookie" for binky/pacifer (it's actually from the brand Nuk). My other-in-law calls it a "pip". Uhhh, that's all I can think of for now!