Sunday, April 20, 2008


Every time I search on Google, polite little red words pop up saying, "Did you mean..." and then it spells my search word/words/whole sentences properly. The other day I wanted to know the difference between the Celsius and Fahrenheit. I only typed in those two words and the word "to" in the middle. Goggle politely asked if I wanted to search for them spelled correctly because there were NO websites that spelled them that way. Spelled the way Google suggested, there were 513,000 websites with information I'm sure I needed. I did however spell "to" correctly, which does not always happen.

Today I read a website of a really smart woman who says she can't spell either. In fact she says she "...can't spell worth a flip." I am proud to be among her company. And the word "flip." Well, that's an old Sevier County word if ever I heard one. I wonder if she could be a relative?

When it comes to hand written notes or letters, which are the only way to write if you want to be known as a sincere person, I just type them out first, spell check them, and then copy everything by hand. If I am in a pinch, and haven't typed them on the computer first, then I write illegibly and hope that the person reading it will think it's their mistake that they can't quite make the odd word or two out, that I've spelled so creatively.

That's the answer. From now on I will not worry about my poor spelling ability but be proud to be a creative speller. I hope I have lots of confidence built up before Google has a breakdown and refuses to help someone as creative as me.


Coffee Bean said...

I love the writing ineligibly compensation!

S.Ghosh said...

ohh !! Am sorry really for you faced such inconvenience....
but i must say "creativity" always get repulsion at first and that means you are doin good job

take care

Karen Deborah said...

alrighty then! Is alrighty a word? Oun't know. How do you spell oun't?
yep, you Be a soul sista.

Karen Deborah said...

ps if you really like that I usually say "flyin flip" but I was restraining myself.

Michael Rawluk said...

Back when written English was in its formative age, people spelled however they felt. It was all correct but eventually one spelling would dominate. Now, computers like things just right. No acceptance of anything that is not in their bits and bytes.

In fact, when I type the correct word "spelled" this machine would rather I use "spelt." I refuse.

Spell however you like. You could be pioneering new spelling that will eventually be accepted as the norm.

ttelroc said...

I can't spell worth a darn either -- In fact, I still remember that I got a B- in my spelling class in 6th grade - I was shocked that the grade was so HIGH! My mother, the spelling guru, was mortified.

anyway, I wanted to comment on the writing hand written notes -- typing them out on the computer first, spell checking then copying it onto paper - GENIUS!!

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

When google offers that "did you mean", consider it just an alternative. It doesn't mean you spelled it wrong, just that there may be a significant amount of hits spelled another way; it's a search expander.

There are many searches that end up with few or zero results because of one word or one letter not being correct, so google is just offering a little help.