Sunday, April 13, 2008


Nurse Giggleswitch's Daddy's funeral was today. I have never cried as much or laughed as much in a funeral.

Nurse Giggleswitch and her three siblings all spoke, they are all just like their dad in many ways. Quick witted for sure, and they told stories about their funny dad. He will be missed.

It was a time for hugs. Lots of hugs.

When we got home we watched them pack and get ready to leave. Then there were more hugs all around. They even hugged each other. I told them to so I could take this shot. I'm such a smart mom.

The doggies did not get hugs. Dog breath, you know.

Try not to notice the socks with the shorts on my boy, Lord Bumhampton.

I watched until their car turned the corner and was gone. Just like Mom used to do when we left after being home for a vacation or just for a week-end. She watched until we drove out of sight, wiping her eyes and waving. She did the same for my sister and her family. We were so loved and we knew it.

These kids are loved.

I even loved rubbing my boy's feet, which smell somewhat like Parmesan cheese. That's what parents do, love their kids. No matter what.

Nurse Giggleswitch's daddy loved her very much. He loved all his children. I know it was hard for him to leave them--he died of leukemia--, even though they are all grown up and don't rely on him to take care of them. They do rely on him to be their daddy, the man who they will always talk about and laugh about and sometimes cry over. He is their dad, and like all dad's everywhere he is one of the most important people in their lives. He always will be.

Every kind of dad is important. We come to planet earth with "family" stamped all over us. It's a big responsibility being a dad. But if you are a dad you know it's worth it.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

wow a week from home and computer and I feel like I have missed OH SO MUCH... hugs and prayers and condolences to your DIL and her family. It is so good of you to want to help keep and share the memories of her parents for her children. LOVELY.
dove milk chocolate... thats all I can say ... what a great friend you have!
I am so glad to see that my mind is not the only one that goes absolutely ...:-)
Missed you and so glad to be back at home!
Hugs LAura

Astromom said...

I'm sure your children will always know you love them, you are so good about your memories with them laced with so much love. My kids are young but I know I'll be watching them leave waving good-bye till they are out of site too.

Anonymous said...

Lynne, you have such a warm, loving heart. It brings tears to my eyes to read some of your posts.

Shawn said...

Since I have never been close to my Dad, I am always in awe of others that have that connection...

Thanks for sharing this.