Friday, April 4, 2008


If I had unlimited money here is what I would do:

1. I would hire a dentist to take care of all the people I sent to him. I would hand out notices to people with missing or bad teeth--I have seen some doozies in the past week.
The notice would say something like: "You are invited to participate in some new dental procedures. Your teeth will be taken car of, free of charge for one year." And then I'd throw in, just for fun, "But there's a catch, you have to tell the dentist how many people comment on your beautiful smile." Or something like that.

Obviously I would work on wording but you know how blogs are? You write it. You post it. No time for editing. Later, when I re-read my blog I often think, I can't believe I posted that, but it's too late. A bunch of people already read it and then there is no doubt in their intelligent minds that I have a pea-brain.

2. I'd go to Europe--for a long time--a month, two months. I would go to the ends of Paris and walk back. Until I were tired and then I would take the Metro.
Phil will be with me as he is most helpful on trips. Actually, he is most helpful at all times. As my daughter, Gilmore Girl would say, "He is a pleasure." He would be my Paris pleasure. Actually he is my life's pleasure but that's something to think about later.

Or I would go to New York City and go to a bunch of Broadway shows.

I would do all the touristy things like go to Chinatown and Soho and the museums. I would do all the things that real New Yorkers never do.

I would stay up late and eat out in all the little places that cab drivers recommend and really see the city--for as long as I wanted.

Or I would go to California, northern California, and meander down little roads leading to wineries--even though I don't drink. I think wineries are magical, beautiful sorts of places.

If I could find an olive grove I would buy into it and be the proud owner of a private label olive oil. I would say thing like, "Our olive oil has a subtle buttery taste." (Are you impressed with my "subtle, buttery" words? I stole them off a web site.)
Then I would dip a crusty piece of San Fransisco sourdough bread in it and hand it to you and simply say, "Taste." You would be enchanted with my subtle, buttery olive oil--and with San Francisco sourdough bread.

I'd go to a beach, even though the northern ones would be cold, but I would just sit there and watch the waves and think. One of the things I would think about was why I was not young. And thin. And beautiful, like this woman.

Or I would go to my home town and see what my cousin has done with the house I grew up in. Wonderful things, I hear. When I do that I'll post pictures. Or I'd just go somewhere. Anywhere. I would go soon.

3. I'd buy several tons of malaria nets for the African people. And pay for wells so they could have fresh water.

I have a friend who has gone as a volunteer with the Mother's Without Borders group to Africa twice--or it may be three times--to help where ever she could. She loved it. It is a wonderful work they are doing. This picture is from their website.

4. I would find single mothers and pay for their rent and food and necessities while they got an education so they could support their families. I would drop off a box of surprises--things they needed and luxuries that they didn't need--once a month until they were fully ready to take care of their families.

5. I would take classes. Classes in writing. Classes in art. Classes in photography. Classes in what ever I wanted. Who am I kidding? I'd have to take classes in how to have 48 hours in a day first.

First of all though, I would pay all my bills and debts and take everyone I loved to dinner. It would be a month long party. There would be much celebrating in the land. And toasting--with 7-up or sprite or some such thing. And eating of sourdough bread, dipped in olive oil, with a subtle buttery flavor.

So, that's what I'd do if I had unlimited money.

What would you do?


jyotsana said...

thats quite a list and an interesting one. well i would relax relax,relax which is what i am doing right now so why have unlimited money and do it?

Pam's Place said...

You are a philanthropist at heart, Lynne. A good hearted soul who would cure the ills of the world -- physical, mental and financial, and general -- for everyone, if you could. Your ideas for what to do with unlimited money sound not only charitable, but lots and lots of fun. I hope you have the opportunity to do every single one of these things. I'm glad you're my friend.

Michael Rawluk said...

Thanks for that, Lynne. I just bought 9 malaria nets at:

I am a member of Northern Uganda Development Foundation which is based here in Prince George.
I should give something to them as "well" because I haven't in a while.

Colette Amelia said...

Well Lynne this really gave me peace and warmth and as usual a smile.

You know that while I love my classes at times they seem to overwhelm me because I am learning all the problems of the world and it seems all the problems centre around idiot politicians...but then when I analyze this further it is really us...who are the idiots...because we want the best life for us and we hound our politicians to give us the best life and then they make stupid decisions that make some other person's life terrible.

So then I think that yes there is hope to make the world better if we just all start thinking less of ourselves and more of the world and all the people...and that is why you make me warm and find peace and help me smile!

tearese said...

I love your list, it sounds perfect! I can't think of anything better.

Lee W. said...