Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I am a

What Flower
Are You?

Here's what a sunflower person is like--supposedly:
"When your friends think smile, they think of you. There is not a day that goes by that you can't find something good about the world and your fellow human."

Okay, I am going to pick the first five friends/family that I hear from, either by phone, a visit or email and I will tell you something good about them. Because, supposidely, that's what sunflowers do.

Friend. She called. She is my friend with good advice and she will go to J-Dawg at any time, rain or shine: I have a document called, "All Is Well." I open this when I am blue, in the dumps or hanging off a cliff over the great depression pit . Nineteen of the thirty-five items in there are from this friend, usually sent to me via email. Today she told me about something her daughter said when she was about nine years old. She had a teacher who really was "one of those teachers,"--not in a good way. This wise nine year old said, "Why can't she see that she has to love us the way we are before we can get better?" Isn't that unusually wise for a nine year old? This friend said, "That's what the Savior does. He loves us in our imperfect state so we can get better." This friend is wise, funny, happy, willing to give and serve and do whatever is needed to be of help. She also loves cats. And me.

Child o'mine: Received two emails from this child who calls herself "yfc" (your favorite child). She is cheerful, giving, loving, organized--she'd love to tackle my bedroom,--,she thinks that a good deal of the summer is meant to be spent on the lawn swings, talking. When I die there will be no secrets left, she'll know them all. She has friends by the dozen and gets them all caught up in whatever it is she loves at the moment. When Gilmore Girls was on TV she'd get phone calls during the commercials from friends who'd say, "Can you believe what Rory did?" Then when the commercial was over everyone would hurry and hang up until the next commercial. She should write children's books because she thinks and says such funny things but she won't do it. Her one fault, I cannot MAKE her do things my way.

Friend--she called: This one took Toves, the kitten. She called to report in about what a good kitty Toves is. If this friend is sitting down Toves in under her chin or draped around her neck, purring. Toves got her up this morning, climbed on her bed and wouldn't let her alone until she got up and give Toves some kitty loves.

This friend is cheerful, friendly, helpful, loving, always laughing, has great insight, is willing to put herself forward to help someone, even people she doesn't know. She is one of my visiting teachers and I know Toves has the best home possible. This friend has a wonderful, musical laugh.

Friend--email: This friend is one of my favorite wacky ones. She gave me this last week for no reason but that she knows I love kitchen things and they were called French Bull Salad Servers.

She knows I love France or maybe she thinks I love Bulls. She found them here. She also bought some paper cups there that have noses and teeth printed on them so when you drink you see this funny nose--some with moustaches. Anyway, this friend sticks with you through thick and thin. I don't see her often enough as she has moved from the neighborhood but when we get together it's as if we never parted. We go to lunch and she pays. I have money in my hand, giving it to the waitress and she pays anyway. She loves to laugh and have fun and is always planning another outing. She is fiercely loyal to her family and would fight to the death for any of them. She is independent and yet very tender. Life is meant to be fun even though the trials, that's what she thinks. She brings fun to others every day.

Internet friend--email: He's funny, introspective, thinks I'm funny even when I have 5th grade humor--forgives me when I write stupid stuff on his blog. He even forgives me when I pose as someone from another country and post in another language--I've been myself, Jo from Paris. Walter from Madrid, Koda from Dakota Sioux, The Silent Storm of Undeveloped Thought--see, I told you--5th grade humor, Albert from Uruguay, Bucky--as in Bucky the Beaver, Jin from Japan, Den from the Netherlands, Miltiadis from Greece, Petr from Kyrgyzstan, Giovani from Italy, Gina from Cayman Islands, Baa from Falkland Islands--aren't there sheep on the Falklands?, Kate for the TV show LOST--because Sawyer calls Kate "Freckles" and his post that day showed a freckled horse, Nathaan Hatfield from United States, Joe Tuckett from United Kingdom, Marc Ratsiranka from Madagascar and Sim Ching from Hong Kong. Oh my, I didn't know I had been so many goofy people. I'll tell you, this guy is one very patient person. That's probably a good definition of a friend, don't you think? Patient with you when you don't deserve it. Another Internet friend--whom I will also never meet--calls him her "wise friend who knows all." And she's right.

So there you have it. My attempt to be a sunflower personality. And aren't I lucky, to have such great friends?


Michael Rawluk said...

You Are a Violet
"You have a shy personality. You tend to hesitate before trying new things or meeting new people. But once people get to know you, you open up and show the world what you are really all about."

tearese said...

mine was a Snapdragon. I don't think its correct.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

mine says daffodil bu i dont think its is correct... I have not been to a party in over 20 years... sheesh LOL.

Colette Amelia said...

I am a snapdragon but I didn't copy it down so I don't know what I do.

Lynne those awesome people in your life are awesome because you are awesome! They are so good that they could have any friend they wanted but they chose you because you are great!

Astromom said...

Lynne, you are a Sunflower. I think of you to make me smile, you are so positive and help me feel good about myself, even when I can tell you are feeling down. You are sunshine in my life and I love reading your fun and uplifting blogs.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

if you get a minute can you come to my blog i have a problem and i need some input on it. thank you

Anonymous said...

It's true we all love you and I am so great because of you. Lynne is the best. Except for I don't think she likes me to call her "Lynne" She likes it much better when I peek my fingers under the bathroom door and say "MAummmm" in an awful voice.
tootles yfc!

whirligigdaisy said...

It said I was a sunflower too, but I also think that's wrong. I wanted to be a tulip :(

You are such a light in everyone's lives. I am glad you have great friends to support you.