Monday, March 31, 2008


When Kraut and The Brown Dot were little kids they shared a room. One day, when I was putting their clean clothes away I noticed an "off" smell in their room. I attributed it to a stray pair of dirty socks and dismissed it.

The next week, when I was putting their clothes away there was a definite odor. I should have been smart enough to realize that I only smelled it when their drawers were open but you know how mother's are--tired half the time, from being up with someone in the night, and so I just scoured the floor for any dirty clothes I had missed earlier and left it at that.

The next week, when I opened the dresser drawers, the smell nearly knocked me dead. I probably have permanent brain damage and a facial tic. I was pretty sure there was a petrified animal in the dresser. I unloaded their clothes. All of them had a faint sulfur smell. How had I not noticed that my children smelled? Their teachers must have been wondering what on earth was wrong with my stinking kids. I’m surprised I hadn’t had a phone call or two.

Finally the clothes were piled on the bed and I reached way in the back of their drawers and came up with an Easter egg—a very smelly egg, one for each boy.
I was livid. “Why are there Easter eggs in your drawers?”

“Gosh, Mom,” they said with big innocent eyes--children have the "big innocent eyes" maneuver down pat. “We just saved our favorite Easter egg.”

The stinkin’ eggs went into the trash and I scrubbed the drawers with Lysol. I washed every single piece of clothing they had and that was that.

So be warned. Do you have children who might be saving a favorite egg? Check now, not in three or five or seven weeks or however long it takes an egg to ferment. Don't get caught with a post Easter surprise. Like me.


Teresa said...

Funny story now...not so funny then! LOL We used plastic eggs so no worries here!

We received the Utah postcard yesterday! Thanks so much!!! Ben was delighted. BTW...he enjoyed your Post Easter story too. :o)

We only have 11 state postcards to go!

Anonymous said...

I make Curly Sue and Tuesday (We call them thing 1 and thing 2) put their own socks away. I better go check. loveyoubye yfc

C.C. said...

"I probably have permanent brain damage and a facial tic." What I have is coffee spurting out my nose. That was such a funny post! Right up there with the cake! Oh, you are sooo good with the stories!

tearese said...

I used to save mine in my easter basket on my dresser...I soon learned better.
I liked the visual of the stinky eggs.

stampingqueen said...

Love the pics - puting all that artistic talent to good use, I see.
You had me laughing as usual!
Love you,