Saturday, June 13, 2009


If you want to make fruit leather but a quart or two of berries are just too expensive, consider this: rhubarb leather. The rhubarb is free, the sugar isn't expensive and neither is Kool Aid®.

Click here
to get the recipe.


Shan said...

I'm waiting to come to your house and try rhubarb with salt and sit on your swing. Hillyerie says it's what you have to do at your house. Since we live in a flood these days, maybe after the rain stops I can send out a dove and see if it's safe to venture out. Then I can sit on your swing. I'm nervous about the rhubarb and salt, though.

zelzee said...

My family would love this.

Of course, they would have to make it, as I rarely cook anymore!

Astromom said...

I'd love to try making this again, just because I did wrong last time, it looks so good.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

awesome looks so yummy

hillary said...

That Shan is a fraidy cat. Rhubarb is nothing to be nervous about, unless it is baked with strawberries in a pie. Then it is yuck.

Hot mushy fruit is not acceptable.

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Tierney said...

how about strawberry-rhubarb leather? then again, with sugar and Kool-aid, I am sure this is delicious!

tearese said...

kool aid? How intriguing. You would get a lot of great flavors that way.