Thursday, June 4, 2009


If I didn't know better I'd think the Scottish Dreamer and Mrs. Bird were sisters. A few days ago the Scottish Dreamer bought eclairs for dinner and...oh, you just have to go read it yourself. The Scottish Dreamer is a Speed Eater.

I may not be blogging much. The computer is having a identity crisis. It thinks it's a smelly armpit. A real "turn off" if there ever were one. And that's what it does. Turns its self off. Continually.

When it's not turning its self off it thinks it's a husband whose wife had a list of things that need to be done around the house. It ignores commands.

It also thinks it's the smaller side of a side-by-side fridge. It freezes.

So, if I don't check your blogs and comment it's not because I didn't want to. I probably have sweaty armpits and have icicles hanging off my nose while holding a deaf mouse.

It could be worse. This I know but.... But, for a blogger and wanna-be writer, who has a writing convention next week, and doesn't have her chapters edited yet, I wonder how.


Shan said...

I'm going to pretend that's why I don't blog much these days. I've actually decided that if I leave a good comment on other's people's blogs, it's kind of like me blogging. Lame, I know.

Shan said...

Looks like I got a little carried away with the 's on that last comment. My nails get away from me sometimes. I'd not mention it, but I know that Kesk will look at that comment and shake her head and say, "tsk, tsk." I'd hate for her to be embarassed for me.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love your header photo how lovely!!!!!!!!

Shawn said...

You need a new laptop for your birthday---isn't it this weekend?

Just have the birthday fairy bring it right by----better still, I will send it via mind throwing.

Got it? Enjoy!

Annette said...


Happy Birthday! I'm fresh out of cupcakes, but next time I make some you will get some belatedly for your birthday.

If your computer is working some and you can read this, then Gary has a "conjecture" based on what you are describing so beautifully.

"The computer may be overheating because the fan is not working properly and when it overheats it shuts down so it won't burn out completely. That could explain the freezing up or shutting off." Is it a laptop? If so, he suggests taking it to "PC Laptops" on the Orem hill. They diagnose free and can tell you if it is fixable.

Or, grab him in the hall tomorrow in church and give him further details and maybe he can help more. Good luck with everything!