Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today it rained. Again. It's rained almost every day for weeks. But today, because Her Excellency of Mousehole planted acorns out front one year and they sprouted and grew into oak trees and because every tree offers gifts, and our oak trees offer gifts of all kinds, IN ALL SEASONS, along with the maples out back, that also offer gifts, IN ALL SEASONS, our rain gutters were plugged. When they are plugged we are in serious trouble. The water drains onto sidewalk and onto and the water soaked flower gardens and then drains into the basement.

Phil got on the roof with the garden hose to unclog the drains. I stood on the front lawn to take his photo. I had a new photo card in my camera, one with more memory. When I loaded it into the old camera, the one I download to the computer with, the old camera wouldn't read it. So, I will have to quit cheating and learn how to use my new camera to download photos.


I hate bummers.

One of my sons hates bummers too. We now have something in common.

So, there is no photos of Phil--brave man that he is--on the roof in the rain.

This will have to do.

This is a photo of Phil, training the dogs that they belong on the floor. He is very stern, as you can see. The dogs are shaking in their boots. They will never be on a lap again.
Gordon,in all his lap sitting glory, while listening attentively to the lecture, has his eye on something.It's Minkey, who is doing his best to ignore those disobedient, lap sitting dogs.And those dogs? They are really listening well, they'll be off Phil and on the floor, where they belong, any minute now. Yup, any minute. Um hum, really, they will.
Just as soon as they finish their naps.


Lorraine said...

LOl ok I can be charming...neat post... When you purchase a new camera, there is usually a cd that goes with it, you insert into the drive and let it do its stuff, all you have to do is answer an occasional question like yes, yes, ok, no (although that probably won't happen) etc, and they'll download everything you need, so that when you plug in your camera into the computer, it will automatically open up the program and upload your photos...and usually also have a program to edit yourphotos...If you're like me at first you'll be confused but before you know it you'll a pro and you'll laugh in the face of any new that was long, sure hope it made sense :)

Bonnie said...

Hi Lynne, I just back into town myself and will have to catch up on your blog. When the oaks in front get acorns will you save me some? I love oaks and maples.

How wonderful of Phil to get up on the roof and clean out the rain gutters and also to offer the lap in which the dogs may sleep. I hope he was wathing a good TV show. Happy Father's Day Phil.

Michael Rawluk said...

Do I have to come down there and transfer your photos?

hillary said...

Dad never did have good luck with his lectures. Bless his heart.

Heehee my word verif was: pitypt

Pity party?

Shawn said...

Can't wait to hear about how easy it is to download from your new camera!

heh, heh....

Your doggies are cutie.

Annette said...

Poor Phil having to be up on the roof clearing the drains. He deserves a good nap with the dogs after that. I hope you took one, too.

Shan said...

I think I made it pretty clear on my blog how I feel about all this rain, and I don't even have cloggy gutters. Plus, also, if I had to be an animal and I couldn't be my cat, I think I'd choose one of your animals. I could get used to a life of lectures from Phil.