Saturday, June 27, 2009


The kids were here Monday evening through early Wednesday evening. Barely 48 hours. They went to Costco with Phil. Twice. I did not go. I am the lone voice of reason. This shopping trip is typical. It was in May.

Actually, there is one other voice or reason. She was outnumbered. She wanted soy milk. That was all. Just some soy milk.

"We can go now. Mission accomplished."

"But lookit! Peanut butter."
"And, lookit. Chips!"
"We do not need chips," said the voice of reason.

"But, they are Kettle Chips. I'm pretty sure that means they are special."
Look at the cart. Does it look like the voice of reason is winning?
"Oh, no. What has he found now?"

She speeds ahead. She must stop disaster.
It was too late. Disaster was piled high. Do you see one fruit or vegetable there? Me neither.
And that is how ALL trips to Costco end. You would be better off just walking by the door and throwing twenty dollar bills at them. At least you wouldn't have a bunch of you see the Oreos? And the chips? Chips of all kinds? Some chips are even masquerading as veggies. Veggie chips. Right.

The score: Costco one hundred and fifty-five. The voice of reason zero.
PS I hate to admit this but I am not actually the voice of reason. The Sun Chips were my purchase and probably other junk food too.


Pam said...

Hey, I went there today, too. I only had two things in my cart! But Costco still won: 3 hundred 74to 0! I miss you. Isn't there a movie in town?

don said...

A funny and all too familiar description of trips to Costco! A fine series of pictures to show the various stages as the cart is filled! Fine post.

Lorraine said...

LOL Way to go Lynne, I love Kettle Chips lol :)

hillary said...

I think there were some Craisins in there some where. Not to shabby.

Full of Woe because I wasn't there too. That's what I say.

Woe is me.

TeamGornold said...

i wish everyone knew i was the voice of reason! ha ha. i loved that day. i love coming down to see you both and i simply love our bonding moments at the costco!
love and miss you!

Michael Rawluk said...

I am no longer a COstco visiter but when I was I could go in and out in a few minutes. I knew what I wanted and just got that.


Pam's Place said...

Costco is addictive. When I haven't been there for a few days, and even if I don't NEED anything, I go because I need my Costco fix.

Loved this post. I can relate...

Tierney said...

yes, this is how my Costco experiences go too! I will go to buy my thrifty diapers and wipes. but then I want to look at the books. and then I want the nine dollar turkey swiss rollers. and Jason would love some Mango. And lets see what big cereal bargains they have. Maybe we should get a big coffee cake and give half to Jan. and these two-packs of bread are such a good deal. and oh lands, it's a seafood road show! I love lobster tail. I haven't had one in two years. certainly I deserve a lobster tail. (don't know why I'm not capitalizing tonight). And I'm sure we can use six containers of raspberries before they go bad... because they're such a good deal!

By the way, how in the heck are you going to keep those Craisins fresh? my little bags go stale in the fridge. Are you going to surprise me with a salad?

tearese said...

but look...Craisins!
WE have held out against getting a Costco or Sams Club card because I know we'd do the same thing!