Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Made a quick trip to Salt Lake to see our darling daughter and we ate a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger on the way out of town. I thought I could get away with that for dinner. Not so. Phil ate soup, a chicken sandwich and two ears of corn--one of them was mine.* I ate almonds.

We sat outside with three church talks, thinking we would have an intellectual Family Home Evening. We had hardly settled when four neighbors came over and were in the middle of Mrs. Bird's funny story about her chiropractor when who should happen by but The Scottish Dreamer. We sat and visited and laughed until the darkness descended, as did the mosquito's.

Zip, zop, people scattered except for the Scottish Dreamer and me. The skeeters soon left us alone--after I rolled a couple into cigars off my face and the others decided hunger was better than death.

The Scottish Dreamer and I had a good talk. What a lovely girl she is. I sent her home with books to read on health and she said, "Can I eat that last eclair first?" (If you haven't done it already you must read this post.) I told her yes, as I certainly have not been the shining example of health or sugar-avoidance. When I looked at the clock it was 11:00. Are we gabbers or what?

Sitting here at the computer, doing nothing of importance, I felt around on what should be my smooth chin and I felt a whisker stray eyebrow. When did that pop up? I tweezed yesterday. So I tweezed and it was black and long and then, right there, as I was watching, another one popped up. I tell you, it is the honest truth. Which leads me to the conclusion that there really is a bad hormone running around and it has attitude.

*It wasn't really my corn. I got a phone call from a worried sister in our ward so I covered the mouthpiece on the phone and whispered, "eat my corn," which was really his corn to begin with because I ignored his stomach needs watered the garden--the parts the BUGS HAVEN'T EATEN--while he prowled the kitchen. So, I ate almonds. And not the good salty, roasted ones either. The plain ole' good-for-you kind, that are no fun at all. You should feel sorry for me, having to eat those healthy almonds instead of the kind I really love.


Lorraine said...

LOL that was so much fun, I don't feel sorry at all for you, well maybe the hair, hmmm or the mosquitoes...lol Fantastic Read oh Famous-Author-to-Be
I have to have salt on everything!

hillary said...

Maddy just told Ruby she got cow poopler breath on her. Just thought you would wanna know that.

Sounds like a good day to me, except for the boring almond eating part. And, how did you cross out stuff? I wanna know!

Poor little crumb, has to pluck your own chin fur.

Karen Deborah said...

I can't think of a nicer evening, and I know all about those wirey chin hairs. I usually find them after I've been some where fancy or see someone I would have liked to impress. NOT.