Sunday, June 21, 2009


Our ward always presents the mother's with a flower for Mother's Day. It's usually a geranium. One year it was a basil plant. After Sacrament Meeting the Young Men and Young Women bring the flowers in to all the women age 18 and older. My geranium is planted in a pot out front and is blooming nicely.

Here it is:
And here are some of it's buddies:
(These photos were taken in the dark of night and they are terrible but I never seem to plan ahead.)

When Father's Day rolled around this year there was nothing for the fathers in our ward. Years ago I volunteered to make caramels for all the men. I did that for several years. Once I made all of them in one week and was nearly dead by Sunday--the bishop kept saying, "No, Lynne, I can't let you do that." By the time he finally agreed he didn't realize that he put me in a terrible time crunch. The next year I started earlier and the following two years we had ten of the women in the ward help wrap. Those were the easiest years ever.

I think the men enjoy being recognized but the last two years, when I have volunteered to make caramels, I didn't hear back so I assumed there was some other plan. Next year I'm not going to ask. I'm just gong to do it by myself. How's that for feisty? I think the men need to be recognized for their great contribution as father's. Don't you think? I know the women will help me cut and wrap. After all, I think their husbands share.

And then a funny side note. One of these fathers, sitting behind me in Sunday School fell asleep four times during class. He snored! I had to use all my self control to keep from snickering. A little caramel would have kept him awake, I'm sure of it. Not that he would have eaten any during church, but still.

We had a family dinner planned here but it was Phil's first day with the new BYU ward and he was there about eight hours. Plus the weather has been nothing but rain for weeks. So we postponed. We will have a family dinner here in a couple of weeks. The two of us ate dinner and then both of us crashed and slept before Phil had to go back for family prayer so it was a quiet Father's Day for Phil, but a good one. I am very grateful that he is the father of my children and I love him very much. I know the children do too.

Happy late Father's Day to one and all.


Lorraine said...

first the flowers are beautiful, and how wonderful and ingenious are YOU! Caramel, my favourite...what type exactly, soft, cookie, cake taste buds are screaming for some. I think it's a wonderful thing for you to do, but a little too much for one person, even if your life is somewhat invented (did I ever mention how brilliant your blog name is...All I ever come up with is something and stuff...I digress... People shouldn't take advantage of that, so let others help...I'm pretty sure if you ask the fathers what they want, they'll all mutter how about a lollypop, much less trouble LOL
You're a nice person Lynne :)

T and S said...

Beautiful flowers and nice post that's dedicated to Phil. I m sure he would have felt on top of the world on Father's day.

Bonnie said...

I AGREE! I have always thought only giving the Mother's gifts was very one-sided. How magnanimous of you to make caramels for all of the men.

You have set a good example for me. Once I found a poem and a picture of a dad and son and volunteered to print them and give them to all of the dads in our ward, but that was NOTHiNG compared to your gift. However, I have never volunteered again. I think I will volunteer to do something for the dads in our ward next year, but I could never do what you did. YOU ARE SIMPLY AMAZING!

You make delicious caramels! Thanks so much for giving me a bag when I saw you last month. I don't know how you did it for the whole ward. I could make the caramels, but to wrap all of them ALONE would be an incredible undertaking. I actually have never wrapped caramels--I just cut them and dip them in chocolate. That is much faster and easier. When you make them again, call me and I will help you wrap them so I can learn how.

Once I made 30 pounds of hand=dipped chocolates for Christmas to give away and that was quite an undertaking but that was nothing like what you did.

The only thing that came close to what you did was when I made about 300 nut cups in the shape of Santa Claus boots out of frosting for a ward party. That took some time because you take one marshmallow and a medicine bottle you get from the pharmacist that is the same diameter but twice as tall as the marshmallow and totally cover them with individual red stars made of decorator royal icing except for 3 rows of white stars on the top of the boot so it looks like the white fur. That does take time because each boot must have well over 100 stars=I have never counted.

zelzee said...

What a great idea to celebrate dad! (If it weren't for him.......we wouldn't have Mother's Day!)

Your flowers are gorgeous. I didn't plant any this year. Too busy trimming and weeding from a couple years of neglect.

Michael Rawluk said...

Why not a gaggle of boys and girls to make the caramels? Or at least do the wrapping?

Colette Amelia said...

OK what are you talking about? the flower photos are wonderful! I am jealous...I am useless when planting in a pot. Our balcony is the most pathetic of all in the strata.

I think you have something there...sometimes if you want something done you just got to do it...and do it on your planning.

Anyway hope your weather improves but it seems like the pots like it!

tearese said...

they didn't do anything for fathers in our ward either, and my husband was sad. They never have in my family's ward gowing up either. In WA, they put the ym and yw in charge of it. One year they had cinnamon rolls in the foyer for them after church, another time they all got candy bars. I was always jealous the men got food.

Tierney said...

you are very kind to want to make sure the dads get presents, and your flowers are BEAUTIFUL!