Friday, July 31, 2009


I was writing at the kitchen table tonight and my pen kept skipping so I went to the "pen drawer" and got a new one. The original pen fell on the floor. Someone-who-shall-not-be-named picked it up and saw the other one and said, "You always do this. You get a pen out and then another and another and you have then all over the house."

I smiled and said, "It's nothing to be annoyed about. It's quirky."

Someone-who-shall-not-be-named wants me to be pen-responsible, not quirky.

We are all quirky. I think we should laugh at other's quirkiness. Let's say, "You know how they are," and go on with life. I want someone-who-shall-not-be-named to do that for me. I want that person to laugh and say, "She's done it again," because, let's face it; I'm going to leave pens all over the house.

And that comes back to something I think, and occasionally say out loud: "We can forgive people of almost anything, but not of boring us." That really doesn't fit this blog post perfectly but if I were not quirky I might bore someone-who-shall-not-be-named right to death and that would be tragic.

So I'll quit before, well you know, I bore you more than I already have.

Because, let's face it. You're quirky, like that.


Lorraine said...

Right back at you quirky Lady, I have about 25 pens, I forget the number of pencils, and some pretty sharp ones...and when I try to find one...well good luck..I love your post, lucky for me, my cats totally support my quirkiness in fact I'm thinking that a lot of those disappearance may have something to do with feline liking to play ;)
PS to show you that I am truly quirky, when I worked, my Boss brought me a pen on a rope 'cause he was fed up with me always stealing his pens 'cause mine always disappeared!!!!

Jessica said...

I have my very own someone-who-shall-not-be-named who doesn't appreciate my quirkiness, either. Of course, my quirkiness might involve crazier things than pens. Maybe.

Billy Bic said...

I keep finding pens dropped in the strangest places all around this town and others. Are they yours? If they are, I have them because I have a compulsion to bring the poor orphans home.
I am quirky in that way.

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

I am a pen loser. I am also a pen stealer. At work, as a nurse, I am constantly losing my pen. I often go through 5 a day... I think they go live in the holders on the desk. Or, I end up with about 5 in my pocket, which then go live in my locker.

At home, I lose pens too, so therefore, I must steal all the pens I find. And then forget where they are.

Karen Deborah said...

um yes but at times when I am on a mission I want to throw every pen that doesn't work into orbit!

Annette said...

Hurray for Quirky! I'm all for it. Just don't mention pens to someone who shouldn't be named at my house. We have dozens of "flower pens," most of which are too old to work.

Tierney said...

What a quirky man that he wants to cage the pens in drawers.

hillary said...

That guy shouldn't be bothered about a few pens. He has much bigger "quirky" things you do to be bugged at. Bless your heart.

Besides, isn't it annoying that he ALWAYS has a pen in his pocket and it ALWAYS works. Wierd.

Also, just say "I'm trying it out" when he finds stuff not in its right spot. That's what I say to Max. But then again I got my quirkiness from you, didn't I?

Astromom said...

I'm going to try that one, my losing and leaving doors and cupboards open, phones all over the house, its just my quirkiness, I'll have to tell you how that blows over, if he laughs or rolls his eyes. Glad I'm not the only one with quirks who annoys the one we love.

Shawn said...

I AM quirky like that.