Monday, July 20, 2009


Today's message from Tut:

The time will come when you'll see that pretty much everything was better than you thought. That life was more beautiful, people were kinder, greens were greener, and the water was cleaner. But most of all, Lynne, you'll see... that you were simply stunning, every day of your life.

Happily, I've always known the truth - The Universe

This fits. You see, I have been remembering things from my past. People who treated me a bit unkindly and I have been giving them the benefit of the doubt and even realizing that they were occupying a place of hurt--maybe--and so the hurt might have been passed on, maybe even unintentionally.

In fact, those people, who I have had a bit of a hurt from, well, I'm seeing them differently. Kinder. Nicer. Even prettier. Now isn't that nice? Maybe someone will do that for me someday, for all the stupid things I do/did, the unkindness, the uglies.

Here's to selective memory.


Lorraine said...

Well put and very kind of you Lynne ;)

Jessica said...

You are a good woman. Plus also, I agree with Tut. You are stunning. Inside and out.

Shawn said...

Oh my dear----I have been so absent---mi vida loca, and have missed reading your blog----but will try to catch up!

Thanks for always being here when I get back....

Michael Rawluk said...

You are a sweet heart, Lynne.