Monday, July 6, 2009


This is one of my dearest friends.* We both moved into the subdivision umpteen years ago within a couple of months. Even though she moved later we have always stayed close.
Her daughter--Ms. Business Woman** and Gilmore Girl were two or three years apart in school and were friends.

Tonight Gilmore Girl said, "Do you remember the Christmas I called you to see if you got a Pound Puppy and YOU WERE STILL IN BED?" They go way back and have lots of good memories.

We laughed and took pictures of each other.
We laughed so much there was wiping of eyes.I thought we should have at least taken pictures of the food so here it is. Too late. We ate at Thai Drift in north Orem. The food is very good. There is nothing so pleasurable as good food and good friends. Tonight was some of the best.

* This woman and I have been through some tough times together. She is always laughing. When she calls and I don't tell Phil who is on the phone he always knows. How does he know? Because I laugh almost the whole time I am on the phone.

**She manages a "Massage Envy" in California--with about 45 massage therapists--and only gets home to Utah about once a year. It's been years since we've seen her. Her mom keeps us posted on her comings and goings and always there are fond memories of the two of them growing up together.


Lorraine said...

How lovely to have such a friend - the forever type - and I love the photos, but pray tell where are you in there? seriously you can't be the brunette, 'cause she's young enough to be your daughter? so do tell, who's who?

Colette Amelia said...

Well it is times like this when a depends commercial should be shot...well at least with me as the star!

Looks soooo fun!

Karen Deborah said...

i love my friends that make me laugh like that. Your right this is the best.

hillary said...

We really should venture out with them more than every 8 years or so.

Those ladies are fun.

Cheryl said...

My dear Lynne and Hallory....What larks we are! We had a great time and it was so good to be together. I just wonder about the close I know where the signs of the times are! You all look great!! I miss that Ms Business woman already...why do these kids have to grow up and do their own thing? Thanks for the nice blog...I promise I will get started very soon. Love you two....Cheryl

Annette said...

So fun to see your old friends who are also my friends. That's so wonderful you've stayed in such good touch.