Thursday, July 9, 2009


Tonight, on the lawn swings, Phil and I were reading. He was reading a church book and I was reading the latest First magazine. That's about how it goes around here--he gets spiritual, I learn how to avoid swimmers ear. You never know when someone might have swimmers ear. I like to be prepared.

First I learned how to unblock my chi--or energy flow: I placed my palms together with fingertips pointing at the ground and rubbed my hands together briskly for one minute. I visualized the negativity leaving my body through my fingertips. Then I swung my arms, letting the "bad energy" go with a flip at the end. I was very energetic.

Second I learned how to say goodbye to the double chin. (Ha! The woman who demo'ed the Japanese secret was 22 years old and didn't have a double chin. But, just in case, I did it anyway.) It involves lymph massage under the chin. So, I ran my thumbs under my chin and all the way to my ear, then massaged the hollow behind my ear and pressed down, sliding my hand down my neck. I did this many times, just in case I could vaguely look like the model they hired to show us how to avoid a double chin. The model that doesn't have a double chin, to begin with.

Then I did my exercises for the neck that I got off the Internet. Holding my face to the sky and chewing. It looks odd but the Internet article said it helps. Then doing the same thing, kissing the air. Phil stopped being spiritual long enough to look at me--one eyebrow raised--but he didn't stop being spiritual long enough to say I was making a fool of myself--for which I am grateful.

Just for good measure I grimaced, while holding my neck tight. I did this for a good long time. I'm a good grimacer.

No one joined us on the lawn swings. Not one neighbor! Isn't that strange? Usually we are awash in neighbors. We sometimes have all four lawnswings filled. But tonight? Not even one.

They must have been busy. All of them. Busy.


Lorraine said...

I'm going to try the Chi thing, getting rid of bad energy, sounds fun...I found a great way to lose a double chin, lose weight...and another don't get fat, neither one which I've achieved yet, but I have hope you know one day, magical pill ;)

Karen Deborah said...

ROFLMAO please don't massage a clot loose in your neck, do avoid carotid massage.
you are hilarious, it must have been the mosquitoes.

Is your husband now immune? How does he keep a straight face? Much to serious.

Colette Amelia said...

Too bad I wasn't a neighbour I would have come over and anticted with you...and Michael could act. Then we could all laugh and you know laughter is great exercise...the belly, the bladder, the mouth, the eyes the voice.

Then we could go for a good walk and we would then be relaxed and have a great sleep so we would be energized to do it all again the next day!

Jessica said...

Thanks for making me laugh. The visual was fantastic. I would visit you while you grimaced in the air, though. I will start driving by, I think.

Supercool Hotmama said...

Could you please post pictures?