Saturday, July 25, 2009


Did you know that the movie "You've Got Mail," had at least two previous editions and maybe three? I think we've seen them all. My favorite, I think, is with Van Johnson and Judy Garland, called "In the Good old Summertime." Ironically, this was filmed mostly in the winter. I told Phil I wouldn't watch it as that song sets my nerves on edge but, last night, as I was dying, I did watch and liked it.
The other one is the "Shop Around the Corner."
I need movie recommendations. Funny, clean ones. My daughter-in-law recommended "New in Town." It's now on my Netflex queue. What else should I add?


Shan said...

I have many that I love. Only who knows if you've seen them. A couple that I love is Arsenic and Old Lace and Thoroughly Modern Millie. If you want more recent then August Rush is a good one. Beware that it is one of those feel good movies that makes you bawl in then end...only in a good way. Unlike Nicholas Sparks where everyone gets dead and you cry. We took our Jr. High kids to see it when it was in the theaters. I also love Clue. Like the game. Only a lot funnier. How can you not love a movie with Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, and Tim Curry, I ask you? You can't, that's how. I will tell you that it that the humor is that dead pan funny and sometimes takes a minute to register because they pretend to be so serious when they say it. When it does register, I pretty much laugh my guts out. I also love it because it is so cleaver that every time I watch it I discover something new and hilarious. If you've seen all of these movies then all of this long message telling you about them is null and void. If you plan on watching any of these movies soon, I'll be right over. I hear you make the bestest popcorn ever. That's what Kesk said and then she made some. She was right, it is delicious.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Thannks, Shan, I have added all of those. I may even have an old video of Arsenic and Old Lace. My favorite part of that is the funny noises he makes when he is so exasperated with his aunts. Can't wait to see the other. Thanks. Popcorn with browned butter is the best! Glad we agree on yet another of life's important issues.

Lorraine said...

It's amazing what is suddenly interesting when you think you're dying....that's got to be the best line I read in a long're just too good. Hope you're feeling better today sweetie....movies? hmmm I don't know movies, but Grey's anatomy, as some great love scene, hilarious moment and you can sympathise with the dying ;) plus there are 4 seasons out so you never have to wait one week to see what happens lol

hillary said...

I'm pretty sure you should watch Nights in Rodanthe. I hear it is a lovely and not sad at all movie. Plus also, Message in a bottle. Those two are winners.

Remember, it's ONLY a movie.

We just saw the Proposal last night but it won't be on DVD for a few.

Jessica said...

That one Hillyerie girl is very naughty. I don't recommend you follow her advice. Don't watch Titanic, either. I happened to be with her when she saw it for the first time. We had to stay in the theater for about 2 hours after it was over while she got herself under control. So don't believe her if she tells you it's just a movie either.

I'm sure you've seen The Princess Bride, but can you ever really see it enough? Plus also Waking Ned Divine. I just watched that again last night. It is so stinking funny. And The Philadelphia Story with Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart and Katherine Hepburn. Can't beat that. Really, anything with them or Doris Day I love. I have the first season of Pushing Daisies. You may borrow it. It is fantastic. And so very funny. Plus, I have every Disney movie ever made you can borrow. And Runaway Bride. Still a fave. Hmmm. I'm not sure you wanted a list forever long, but Shan gave one and you still love her, so I guess I'm still OK. :)

Plus also, the word verification is dineboop. What do you think about that?

Bonnie said...

I love "The Bishop's Wife" with Cary Grant and Loretta Young. It takes place at Christmas and in it a harassed bishop's prayers are answered when an angel (played by Cary Grant) is sent from heaven to help him raise money for a new church. The angel performs a number of miracles in this delightful comedy. It was remade about 10 years ago entitled "The Preacher's Wife," but the original is the best one. I also like "Bringing Up Baby" also starring Cary Grant and also all of those wonderful old Ma and Pa Kettle movies. I also love the old Doris Day movies.
P.S. Are you feeling better?

Shawn said...

Oh yeah----I forgot to send you a list! You could see "Private Eyes"---with Don Knotts, and "Noises Off" is hilarious, as well as any of the Danny Kaye movies, or have you watched any great anime? Like "Howls Moving Castle" or "Spirited Away"?

I will have to get a list to you someday----when I get a minute or two...

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Oh, you are such wonderful bloggy buddies. So far I have added seven of your suggestions and added a few that Netflix suggested too. I am going to memorize that funny line in The Court Jester that Danny Kaye says. And I added The Great Race and will memorize the song--don't know the name--the one about, "You're my little teddy bear." I have some of your suggestions and remembered the God's Must be Crazy and the sequel, which is better than the original. Can't wait to get all your movies.

Thanks, keep thinking.

I will NOT be watching anything that bad Hillary suggested. I too, went to Titanic with her. Twice. That's all the sadness I could take in life.

Mental P Mama said...

Breakfast at Tiffany's. And any other Audrey movie;)

Tierney said...

Lars and the Real Girl. Just watch it, trust me!!

N7GMT said...

Some not already mentioned (and many are of "newer" vintage, but many classics ... or neo-classics ... or classic-wannabes ... or ...):

* "Pillow Talk" (Doris Day);
* "Oscar" (Sylvester Stalone; no really!);
* "Father Goose";
* "Barefoot In the Park";
* "What's Up, Doc?";
* "Undercover Blues" (such silly goodness);
"Sabrina" (the new one);
"Zorro, the Gay Blade";
"A Shot in the Dark" (and the Pink Panther movies);
"While You Were Sleeping";
"Up" (most recent Pixar, which you saw with us, right?)
"Joe Versus the Volcano" (cult classic!);
"Quigley Down Under";
"Scarlet Pimpernel" (1982 version);
"Seven Brides for Seven Brothers";
"The Odd Couple" (original);

{ ... looks through the 1310 movies he's rated on Netflix ...}

* "That Touch of Mink" (DD, again);
"The Emperor's New Groove" (we /still/ watch that one every time we go to Idaho);
"The Family Man";
"The Best Two Years";
"French Kiss";
"Galaxy Quest";
"Housesitter" (Goldy Hawn, Steve Martin);

And like nigh-everyone said, anything with Doris Day. She seems to be fun+clean. ("With Six You Get Eggroll")

Whew. I think that's enough for now.

(* are my top suggestions for you)

bon said...

Erm... hello! You don't know me, but I am always up for suggesting movies, and as "You've Got Mail" is a movie that I have watched in bits and pieces approx. ten frillion times (it still stands as my all time favorite movie to nurse the newborns to) I may have a few ideas I have not yet seen listed.

Groundhog Day
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
My Life In Ruins (don't know if this is yet on DVD, but I love me some Nia Vardalos!)
Bend It Like Beckham
Mixed Nuts
Smoke Signals
The Man in the Iron Mask (the one with Leonardo DiCaprio)
The Three Musketeers (the new Disney version is fun)

OH! And the War of The Buttons is a must, but good luck in finding a copy.

I always love the Goonies.. but that may be an acquired taste

as is Big Trouble In Little China

Did anyone say Sleepless in Seattle? Surely you know that one.