Friday, July 3, 2009


This is my house, being patriotic.A close up.Pika, wanting to be patriotic, too.
I'm a good cat. Please admire me.
The bell by the front door.
Not my house. They have the "Don't Tread on Me," flag.
A neighbor of the above house.Down the street and around the corner. Down another street and around another corner.
This has no patriotic value but it's one of my neighbor's little pocket gardens and I wanted you to see it.

It's almost the fourth of July. Have a good one, where ever you are.


Lorraine said...

What beautiful photos, houses and flags, and oh what a sweet pussy cat lol Happy 4th of July sweet neighbor (see I dropped the Canadian(British u just for you ;)

The Peterson Family said...

I love the flowers in your front yard. Wish I could come hang out in the swings for a while:) And all those American flags make me wish I had somewhere to hang one. I don't even have on in the house -shame on me. But we'll all have our new flag t-shirts on tomorrow!


hillary said...

Pretty sure I want to live on one of those porches. Expecially if they are so close to your house. Wouldn't that be fun?

Your fleurs look spectacular.

tearese said...

wow, what a patriotic neighborhood. I don't think we even own a flag.
Good for you.

TeamGornold said...

you have a good fourth of july too!
miss you and love you!

Anonymous said...

lovely floweres Lynn. Seeing your cat Pika reminds me of our cat Luigi Picasso a blue point himy that passed asway just a short few months ago. They are such sweet cats. We have his sister Bacci Bella a seal point. Happy 4th.

Colette Amelia said...

Lovely flowers! and I thought you just had snow last week?

How is the basil?

Have a great holiday!

Karen Deborah said...

wow it sure is purty in your neck of the woods, you won.

Muum said...

nice! love the patriotic flower pots!!!!!!