Tuesday, February 5, 2008


First of all I am trying out new names for the family just to see how I like it. They may even change from time to time as the family changes their likes.

Second of all, I had this post completely finished. Pushed the publish post button and lost it. Gone. I have no hair left on my head. None. It's in clumps, on the floor and under my fingernails.

Third of all, the spell check does not work. I am a creative speller and you'd think that would be a good thing, the creative part, but some people are simply not amused. How sad for them, not being amused and all at my creativity.

Fourth of all, sometimes when I post, my paragraphs do not have a space inbetween them. It drives me crazy. I edit and put spaces in and post and they are gone. If it does it tonight I will be a bald headed crazy person with issues. Serious issues.

Okay, here we go. If I loose this post this time...I can't even think of what I will do but I will do something very grievous. A bald headed, crazy person with issues who is grievous. I'm sure you can all relate.

This is our oldest son, Kraut, with his family. His lovely wife, The Soap Queen--she is a soap making addict, in case you didn't get the reference--and she is carrying--not in her arms but carrying, as in "with child" their latest, which I am calling the human bean. They are not finding out whom she is carrying until the bean is born. The girl in the blue dress, with the wet hair is Butterfly, who was just baptized, thirty minutes before this photo was snapped. Her daddy, Kraut, baptized her.

Here she is, a newly baptized member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

This is Phil, with Taz--short for The Tasmanian Devil, even though there is no "Devil" in him, he is just a boy of constant motion. He is falling asleep. When Phil had to stand in the circle of priesthood holders, to lay their hands on Butterfly's head while her daddy conferred the Gift of the Holy Ghost on her, Phil gave the sleeping one to me.

After the confirmation was over and the closing song, prayer, etc. was done, my darling daughter, The Gilmore Girl snapped this photo of me which looks like I am looking for a Heavenly Messenger or at least a hole in the ozone and I am embarrassed to look so dorky but honestly, this is the first photo of me on this blog, and likely the last, so I decided to get it over with.

This is my darling daughter, The Gilmore Girl, with her darling daughters, Curly Sue--who will hate this picture when she is a teenager and probably will hate me for taking it, and her sister, Miss Tuesday--name still is under debate.

Tuesday, contemplating life's mysteries and fingers.

My dearly beloved son, Kraut--he served his mission in Germany--therefore the "Kraut" reference--when he read my J-Dawg blog he was not happy with me--how was I to know he had never had a J-Dawg? Anyway, here he is with his newly baptized and confirmed daughter-of-the-wet-hair, Butterfly The Beautiful, inside and out. Kraut blogged about the baptism here, and did a nice job of it. He is usually talks techno-speak which leaves me saying, "say what?"

Here is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. The Gilmore girl--who has not yet recovered when The Gilmore Girls ended their, what? 7th season? Anyway, she gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. One of the best I have ever heard. She told the story of when her life was saved from being run over by a maniac neighbor--I can say that because he has moved and he will never read this--because I listened to the still small voice and checked on her--she was about three or four years old. That is a story for another day.

She also told the story of a teen-age boy who got the impression to buckle his seat belt. Twice. The second time he did it and nothing happened. No car crash. Nothing. He was almost a little mad about it and told his Sunday School teacher that he listened to the still small voice and nothing happened so what was up with that? His teacher explained that if we learn to listen now than we will be prepared to listen when it is needed. If we obey when there is no danger then the Lord can trust us to obey when there is danger. There is strength in obeying the Lord who only wants good things for us. Who loves us.

She is very tender hearted and cried before she even began to speak. How she loves her family and loves Butterfly and felt overwhelmed to speak on such an important subject.

This is The Entomologist--I never seem to be able to catch him with his eyes open--and The Gamer--who is equally as techo-gifted as his dad.

This is The Book Worm, who devours books like candy. Next to her is Lego® Boy.

Kraut and Butterfly, again. Isn't that a sweet photo? How I love these people.

A seriously serious Lego® Boy.

A seriously smiley, Curly Sue.

And again, The Entomologist, with his eyes closed. I tell you, I have a gift when it comes to taking pictures of this child's eyelashes.

Wait! A miracle. Eyes. Of course the photo has some kind of wierdness in the lower right but...I see eyes. Cute, smiling ones.

After the baptism we went back to The Soap Queen and Kraut's house for a wonderful, I-ate-too-much lunch. Here is The Soap Queen, putting out yet more food, just in case we didn't have enough, already.
She doesn't look eight months pregnant, does she? And the births are quick. Butterfly was born six minutes after they got to the hospital. I think that is because this woman doesn't have time to waste. She is the Primary President, runs a house filled with six kids, makes soap almost every day and now makes yummy lotion, lip balms, etc. and never stops to take a breath.
Her brother, who was going to give the talk on baptism, was stuck in Idaho, in a gigantic snow storm, along with her mom and dad and other family members and so she had to give the talk on baptism, too. She does it all, this woman of many talents. And many children.

Phil will hate this picture, and it's blurry to boot, but isn't he cute?
No wonder Tuesday loves him more than she loves me.

And here's a picture of Kraut, just because. He's pretty cute too. This may be one of my all time favorite photos of my boy.

Here's The Book Worm, after she changed out of her church clothes. I'll bet she read a chapter of something before she came down stairs.

And The Gamer, who told me to come and see his game and I didn't ever get around to it. I feel bad. I will go and watch his game next time.

The Soap Queen's sister-in-law and niece--without new names and her brother and nephew--without new names either.

And we end with Butterfly. Our dear eight year old granddaughter, whom we love so very much. We are so thrilled that she took this important step, baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. We know she has a great life ahead of her, as do all of the children. As do all of us, the whole world over.

For everyone who slogged through this post and were not family I wish to thank you.
May God bless you. Each and every one of you.


Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful pictures of what looks like an incredible family! I can almost smell the soap!

kacey said...

well, I'm not family, and I read the post. Such great names for your family! Love Butterfly. Lego Boy. The Entomologist *g Soap Queen. Adorable names and adorable family!

Kathy said...

Beautiful family! Your picture is adorable, by the way. I do enjoy your story telling writing. Thank you for sharing.

Teresa said...

I loved reading about your family's special day. I also enjoyed seeing what you look like...you're a very pretty lady!

I was wondering how one decides (in your faith) to be baptized? Is it a certain age or a decision?

You have a beautiful family!

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful family. And what fun to give everyone names. I would love to do that! (Hmm. Maybe I will.) :)

Lynette said...

What a wonderful family...and a wonderful post! Thanks for sticking with it, and sticking with it, and sticking with it! I'm glad to see a picture of you so I might just recognize you one day...although with slightly less hair, right?!

What a lucky mom and grandma you are!

Mental P Mama said...

miss lynne-- you are hereby tagged. please visit me to learn the details...I think you are a perfect taggee!

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Awww what an adorable sweet family you have! I just want to take little Tueday home with me, she is so precious :)

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Beautiful family you have, Lynne!
THanks for sharing the day with us!