Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A wad of kittens, waking up from a little snooze.

Fatty--whose real name I forget--I used to call her/him Snow White--decides to attack William--I used to call him/her creamsicle. He sits on Toves in the meantime.

Gregory decides he wants in on the action so he attacks. Gregory is the bawl-baby of the group. If you pick him up he cries so much his momma comes running.

Wait, I hear something. It sounds like Momma.

It IS Momma and she's giving baths and maybe dinner. I better hurry.

Yup, that's what she's doing, I'm gonna get in line.

Wait, which side is dinner on?

No room there, thanks to my greedy siblings.

I'll try over here.

Nope, maybe this end is better. I'll just kick that greedy Toves out. Right over Momma's back. Zoop! Bye, Toves.

Hey, how'd I get out here?

I better go exploring and find my way home.

But just where is home, anyway?

In the meantime, Dyna got up, ate three pieces of cat food and then went back to the kitens where they lined up in pretty much the same order.

Ah, peace and quiet, at last. And as I tiptoed out of the room I actually heard tiny kitten purrs.


Ekim said...

Are you going to turn into one of those whacko cat-ladies? Why are there never whacko cat-gentlemen?
Just looking at those photos gives me a headache and makes me stuffed up.

S.Ghosh said...

so cute.liked the kittens-conversation part most ....

peach said...

Adorable the white one reminded me of a cat i had when i was young... she was solid white like that one and her name was candy.

Lee W. said...

that is the cutest little storyline! You could do a children's book just with this!! Are you sure you aren't some big time author and aren't telling us?