Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The wooden leg did not start labor for Lisa. She was induced this morning. This afternoon had a beautiful little girl, 7 pounds 5 ounces, 20 inches long. Congratulations to the family.

Sadly, the wooden leg has been lost to our family. The Yoga Empress, married to my son, Mr. Hot Sauce, gave it to her mother for her mother's birthday. I think there was a hilarious story to report there too. I don't know where it is now. Maybe on its way to your house.

Gilmore Girl could no more bring herself to touch the wooden leg than fly to the moon. She does, however, cut my hair. Maybe I have more to fear than I thought. I'll post pictures if I get a Mohawk.


Cindy said...

I would NOT be surprised if that leg showed up in your house again!!

peach said...

Congratulations on the newest addition!
The lag saga is just toooooo funny i hope you are able to get the story and... who knows it may show back up again LOL.

tearese said...

hey, my sister was induced yesterday too! Still waiting to hear the news.

Aubrey said...

I'm a little slow, but thanks for your comment on my blog with the jump-rope rhyme. That was funny/cute. Goodness, those picture of the cat feeding her babies look the way I feel sometimes when nursing just one baby. She makes it looks so easy--just lay there, let the babies eat, take a little snooze, and then move on. Animals have it so easy.

Lynette said...

Maybe the wooden leg and The Sock Puppet Yet To Be Named Who is No Longer in Lynne's Possesion will meet up out in the world. They would be great friends....keep each other warm and cosy!

Congrats on the new addition!