Saturday, February 23, 2008


Our home teacher, Boyd, who has been our home teacher for five years--lucky us, we hope his is our home teacher forever--has brought us an Amaryllis bulb for Christmas every year for five years. Three years ago I forgot to bring them inside before the frost and so lost those bulbs. These three are from this year and two years before.

I started watering them in January. They grew almost daily.

Look at this. They are so anxious for the sunlight they stretch toward the window. When I see this I turn them.

This clock does not work. It's a reproduction from 1776.

This clock does not work either. I have four clocks in the house that do not work but I I keep them all. I keep everything--some of you know that. (Even if you don't want to be my friend anymore I won't give you up. I'm stubborn, that way.) Actually one these clocks would work if I'd wind it. Two need new mechanisms. One runs fast for three days, right on time for one to two days and slow for three days. It belonged to Grandfather Rasmussen and I love it. I think it just needs a new spring but I don't know where to get one.

This red bud is pretty, don't you think?

This is my favorite photo. The bloom in front is from the three year old bulb--I think-- and I don't know if its going to bloom at all. It's been at this stage for days but its so beautiful I don't care if it doesn't bloom, I think its simply perfect, just as a bud.

This is from this year's bulb (2007).
Thank you, Boyd, greatest home teacher in the world, for the wonderful blooms.

PS Remember how the blooms stretched toward the sun? That's what I want to do too--only it is spelled "Son." I want to stretch toward the Light of Christ and be bathed in his goodness. Then my growth will be just like the Amaryllis. Even if I don't bloom, like that one might not, it will be worth it. I will be better, more complete, at peace.


whirligigdaisy said...

Beautiful flowers, beautiful post.

peach said...

Love the flowers~ I am in Awe of God's ability to take a tiny seed and make it grow and grow and then to put these amazing colorful soft facinating things of beauty on them for me to be amazed at!

Thank you for the comments and compliments on my blog. pictures say more than words many times... at least for me:-)

We actually live 3 hours or more from the beach but, on occasion the hurricanes arms will easily reach us and dump alot of rain on us. Most of the time we are very dry here in Georgia in fact this past year 07 we ended the year 16 inches short... so far 08 has been stellar for rain and we are close to the so called normal rain fall LOL.

I will be going through some more pics i have taken and be posting them if you like the frogs and flowers i have MANY more that i really like.

Again thank you for visiting I enjoy your blog each day!
HUGS Laura

Colette Amelia said...

Lynne this was awesome, like a national geographic or David Suzuki documentary. I have finally put away the 4 clocks that did not work so I laughed and laughed. And I was just talking about keeping stuff!

Anyway as usual you brightened me day and I have to tell you there is no need for improvement in you, you are you and you are you because you are you and so we wouldn't want you to be any different. Because if you were you wouldn't be you!

Aprilyn said...

I love those flowers. We had some outside our old apartment but nobody took care of them so they were such a mess!
I also want to reach toward the Son. Thanks for the analogy.

Cindy said...

I got an Amaryllis from a friend for Christmas in 2006. I love to watch it grow everyday! Amazing how fast it grows, like you could almost see it. I planted the bulb outside and it hasn't flowered yet, doesn't look like it will. :(
There is so much for us to learn from nature, like reaching for the "son". Thanks for sharing.

tombstone annie said...

Is the pink amaryllis from this year? I have two amaryllis that have been blooming now for 10 - 15 years. The only thing is that they are now both red, and I KNOW one of them was either pink or white. I wonder if all amaryllis go back to red???

Beautiful pics, Lynn!


tearese said...

Those grew very nicely. Hey, I saw that Dawn answered one ofyour comments on "Because I said so". Now you're famous!

rog said...

Aren't they something!!!!!! I love having them in my home. One of God's little gifts to us:D

Astromom said...

Everyone needs a non-working clock that we keep for sentimental reasons. I think it is miracloulous (sp?) how you have keep these bulbs producing beautiful flowers over years of time.