Saturday, February 16, 2008


As you may be able to tell, my camera has come to visit. Not to stay, mind you, as my youngest darling daughter, Her Excellency of Mousehole, has taken it away again and promises to bring it back tomorrow. I did get a few photos before she left. Let's go to Dyna's nursery, shall we?

Did you come to visit? I'm really quite busy here but you can stand there and talk to me in an "Oh,whatagoodmommakitty" kind of a voice if you want to.

What is that? Two invading pink cats? I must get my claws ready.

Oh, just your slippers. All rightie then. Kind of tacky, don't'cha think? I mean, fuzzy? And pink? Euwe. Can we say, "I have no taste?"

Bye now. Don't let the door hit you in the behind as you leave.

And so we tiptoe away. Later, Minkey, the foolishfoolishfoolish black cat went to visit Dyna without an invitation and there was much ruckus and much steak of black cinders streaking down the stairs and hiding under the mini-tramp. Yes, I did get a picture of him, all folded up in the tiniest black-cat-ball he could make, but Her Excellency has taken the camera again, and so those pictures will have to be displayed another day.

Dyna is not to be messed with.


Pam's Place said...

You know that phenomena where when young women see a baby, they think they want another one? Well, I have the same problem with cats. I see sweet baby kitties, and my heart turns to mush and I think I just have to have one of those. Ooooooo, I can't have any more kitties. Three live-ins and a feral are enough for any household. Right?

Dinah is a sweet momma kitty, I can tell. You mustn't call her the She Devil. Or I won't be able to take you to J-Dawg any more.

Poor Minkey, I hope he survived his ordeal...and learned not to mess with mamacats, no matter how preoccupied they appear to be.

Be sure to let me know when MamaDinah is up to visitors. I just can't wait to get my hands on those babykitties. Oooooooo.

kacey said...

You are a cruel woman to post so many adorable kitty pictures. I want me one...

And people (cats) just have to learn that you don't mess with a momma and her kiddos!

kimy said...

my house has not been the same since my sweet orange cat crossed over the rainbow bridge. can you send one of the orange kitties to me???? awwwww a house with kitties is sweet indeed!

nicole said...

Ooooohhh....very cute. My daughters very much enjoyed the pictures of those adorable little kitties. I'm a "mean" mother and we have no pets. Lots of stuffed animals though....someday we'll have the real thing...when we're no longer busting out of a two bedroom apartment!

Thank you for the comment on my blog. Anyone who appreciate something gooey and cinnamony and dipped in chocolate must be a kindred spirit!