Monday, February 18, 2008


This happened some time ago and since I can't get my children to start a blog I guess I will have to tell some of the stories for them. Well, Kraut does blog and I want to thank him. Mostly it's pretty technical but sometimes its family oriented. His last entry is pretty funny. I don't know which grandchild said that--I have my suspicions, I should call and find out. Thank you, Kraut for being the only blogging child I have.

Anyway, some time ago one of my grandchildren, I won't say who--I'm going to call them The Short Person, had to go to the bathroom. It was summer time and The Short Person's mother was outside visiting with a neighbor.

"I haffa go to the baffroom," The Short Person said.

"So go," the distracted mother said.


The Short Person went inside and this is what the mother heard, through the open door.

"Shall I go upstaais or downstaais? I think I'll go upstaais." There was a pause of about three seconds. "No, I think I'll go downstaais." Again a pause. "No, I think I'll go upstaais." Pause. The conversation continued while The Short Person tried to decide which bathroom to use. The mother thinks maybe The Short Person walked toward the stairs and then toward the bathroom on the main floor during the pauses, but she wasn't sure.

"No, I'll go downstaais." There was a long pause. "Uh oh!"

Then the distracted mother had to become undistracted and go inside and clean up the puddle.


Pam's Place said...

Could see that one coming. Must be grandma's instincts, or possibly moms really are just too distracted sometimes.

Ekim said...

I think you could have the only entertaining reality television show.

Anonymous said...

That is still not funny. Even after 5 years. I quess it is maybe funny if it is not your short person. But it was so I am not laughing.

Kacey said...

LOL, well, it's funny since it's not my kid... But can't you just imagine that whole BIG DECISION going through Short Person's head??

tearese said...

um, I find puddles between the toilet and the infant potty seat on occasion. I guess my two year old couldn't decide either.

Motherwise said...

Too cute. See what happens when you have too many choices? I always dread when I hear the "Uh oh" and know I will probably be cleaning something up.

Lynette said...

That's me indecisive..and always ending up in a puddle!