Thursday, July 17, 2008


My first batch of basil died, kaput, just like that. Dead.
The second batch looks like this. It's been in the ground forever. It has had plenty of water, plenty of fertilizer, plenty of sunshine and plenty of love. Phil provides that. I am a non-garden worker, mostly.

The rest of the garden looks good.
This is a volunteer lettuce, it's done so well it's starting to bolt.
But THIS is from the basil I planted in pots. It's from the same batch that the garden lettuce was planted from. Every body knows that plants in pots don't do well, or not as well as those planted in the ground. Don't they?
Anyway, this is how we've been eating the basil. Tomato sandwiches. Toast, mayo or ranch dressing, tomatoes, salt and pepper and basil. No lunch can top this one.
This is summer pasta. Again, a heavenly meal. The very first time we ate this we ate it eight times in a month.
Hope you planted some basil. If not, I'll share.


tearese said...

My husband has some basil growing on our porch. He got an old fish tank from someone and put dirt in it; it works like a green house. It's growing pretty well!

TeamGornold said...

HEY!!! I want summer pasta? Will you come up to Smithfield and make me some? You will need to bring your own basil (BYOB) HA HA! That picture of the summer pasta made me drool. Miss you so much!
We will be seeing you soon though, August is just around the corner.
See you soon!!

Shawn said...

MMMMmmmmm, that basil looks amazing! It is my favorite herb, along with cilantro.

I guess I need to grow some.
Thanks for inspiring me...

Muum said...

your garden looks great! and I'll have to try your pasta salad recipe. We have basil, I just need garden tomatoes to go along with!