Friday, July 4, 2008


The 4th is almost over so happy the 4th is almost over.

There are a lot of things I could talk about today:

  1. The jet airplanes that flew over the parade at 9:10 am, with the bomber that rode with them
  2. The fun/funky shops/tents/tables of things that people are selling downtown at the art/bazaar/whatever-it-is-called. Free enterprise, people have the freedom to sell any darn thing they please. We even bought some of them.
  3. Fireworks
  4. The Stadium of fire with the Blue Man Group, Miley Cyrus--aka Hanna Montana, Glen Beck, etc.
  5. The delicious dinner we ate at Kraut and the Soap Queen's house
  6. The grandkids
  7. Seeing the new baby--the surviving twin I talked about a while back, so precious, so little, her Mom so loving even though the baby has acid reflux and the sweet Mom is sleep deprived.
  8. Potato salad--just threw that in to see if you were awake
  9. The freedom we cherish, really cherish
  10. The heat--although it was overcast today, which I am sure those in the parade and those watching appreciated
  11. Etcetera.

But what I want to say instead is on the way to Kraut and The Soap Queen's house we passed a car with kids in the back seat. Even though it was about 90 degrees outside the back window was rolled down and a little boy, about age 4 had an American flag out the window. When the mom was at a stop light he waved the flag like crazy. His mom slowed down and turned right and I couldn't get my camera out in time to take his picture.

So, imagine his intent little face, doing his best to celebrate what this nation stands for--freedom . And how about that Mom, who let him keep his window down in the 90 degree heat so he could do his best to celebrate? Here's to four-year-olds with flags and the nation it stands for. Here's to the people who do their best to keep America a great nation. And here's to Moms. Just because.

Happy 4th of July, America.

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Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

So did you go see Miss Cyrus and her extravaganza? I saw it advertised and thought my girls would love it, but of course we are not there!