Friday, July 4, 2008


Today I think the high was 98 degrees. This is what I saw in our neighborhood.

Our neighborhood taking his grandson for a walk. And the grandson wanted to be covered up to his chin with a beach towel.

"That's what he wants and so that's what we'll do," Boyd said. That's a grandfather for you, doing whatever the grandchild wants, even if it makes no sense.

Then our neighbor said something that we all fear. "When he gets to be a teenager will he even talk to me?"

He seems to be thinking it over.

And then the grandchild took over and and did it his way. Another fear every parent and grandparent fears--maybe they will do it their way, even if it's wrong.

And so it goes, down through the generations. Parents and grandparents, who have so much knowledge and love and the younger generation is determined to do it their way. Just like we did.

We could have saved ourselves so much trouble if we had just listened.

But maybe, just maybe this generation will.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

somehow I doubt they will listen... my two sure don't they have to do it their way and then fuss about how much harder it was... I have given up I just nod and say, told ya so ...Does that mean I stop trying to help them ... no mean i dont get upset when they dont hear me LOL.
Happy 4th!

Astromom said...

The first time I met this neighbor of yours he was running with a grandchild in the stroller and had stopped by our yard sale to buy some funny pieces of glass he was really excited about. Sometimes I think the kids will talk easier to their grandparents then their parents when teenagers. That is why I feel like it is important my kids have lots of good adult influences so when they're mad at me they can talk to grandparents, aunts, or nice neighbors.