Friday, July 18, 2008


Today Sarah and I did our visiting teaching. We took one of our sisters with her sister and I gave them the lesson on the way. Our destination? J-Dawg. Neither one had been to J-Dawg before and they pronounced it excellent.

Maisel, her sister Kay and the ever vivacious Sarah, whose hair color always surprises me. These girls are the gurus of the shoe fashion world. They are also shopping champions but never buy anything that's not on sale and usually a bargain--sometimes such a bargain that the stores practically pay them to haul away good stuff. The deals these three find is amazing!And the man who makes J-Dawg possible? Here he is. He looks seventeen but he's all of twenty-eight. Says, "I have a family and a mortgage." We are so happy to be supporting him in paying it off.

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Michael Rawluk said...

Maybe you can open a J-Dawg franchise.